The Relationships You Build On STEEM…Are The Real Wealth!

My life has been utter chaos lately. Some of it my fault, some of it situations beyond my control. I won’t get into too much of ‘boo hoo hoo’ talk because we all have challenges in life we must face. However it’s been a tough task for me to stay focused this weekend. And tonight, I felt guilty for missing the past few days of posting on STEEM…

I did a quick update late Friday via @actifit but wish I could have done a better job at presenting my stats that day…Anywho, I hate ‘not being‘ visible on STEEM…

It feels like a missed opportunity to build our relationship. And it’s something I truly believe in and if I want to talk about how important it is to show up everyday…I have to practice what I preach.

I’m reading a fantastic book called ‘The Passion Conversation‘ and in it there was the quote that hit me…


I read that and immediately it made me think of my own STEEM journey.

I’m passionate about this blockchain and it’s vibrant community. In 20 years of entrepreneurship I haven’t believed in anything more…And the one thing I KNOW I need to work on every single day here…Is relationships!

Real, honest to goodness, relationships!

It’s a buzzword like that quote says, and after my 36 hours of chaos and not posting on my regular schedule…I felt guilty for messing with those relationships. Because they are THAT important to me here on STEEM.

When I say…I’ll upvote your comments here on my blog and respond to you…I will!

Not because I think ‘money will keep you here‘ but because I’m truly invested in our relationship! I want us to be laughing in 5 years from now, about how awesome it was to start building STEEM together in 2018. I’m after LONG TERM relationships with people that share the same passion I have for this place….And we need to work on these relationships every day.

This is something we can’t give up on and expect them to always be there. Relationships with your readers and engagement is a daily habit we must be dedicated to.

That’s why a huge chunk of things I talk about and the Steemians I love to follow, always put this front and center.

Spend the time now, when everyone else is stressing about the price of STEEM, to work on the relationships!

I started this article talking about how guilty I felt for missing just a day and a half of not being on STEEM…There’s a reason for my guilt LOL I seriously treasure your relationship that much. And if I’m not here engaging with you all daily, I feel like I let us both down.

I know, I know…It sounds corny. And most people will say, it’s o.k. Jon, to take a few days off…And I get it.

However, I feel STEEM is at it’s greatest when we put people and the relationships we can build with our followers first…Everything else will fall into place.


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