The ‘Roadmap’ For SteemSavvy Over The Next Month

Hindsight is always 20-20…

This week was extremely busy on the STEEM blockchain. From the community based NetCoins campaign to get STEEM listed on their site, to Ned’s ‘Destiny‘ teaser…Keychain’s launch to the SteemMonsters live battles…I couldn’t have picked a busier time to launch SteemSavvy lol

Or was it the perfect time?

I get ‘hype’. And I understand how important it is to raise awareness for projects as soon as they launch. It’ll attract eye balls, attention and extra press…But I’m soooooooooooooo long tail on not only Steem Savvy but STEEM in general. I’m glad we launched this week…Even with all the other amazing stuff happening on the blockchain. This was perfect timing 🙂

So far, things have been great…!!!

The community has sent us some great suggestions on a few changes that we could make to help improve the platform.

And I even got caught in a massive faux pas (mentioning the ‘D-Lino’ app) in a video…Thanks to @jospehsavage for finding that for me.

But other than that…People really seem to be enjoying the site!

I’ve heard from countless Steemians that they wished something like this was around when they got started…And that’s exactly why we created it 🙂

Hopefully to help the masses that will be coming down the pipeline, learn about STEEEM and get their accounts off on the right foot.

So what about the future? Is this it…Just launch SteemSavvy and let the site sit there forever?

Absolutely not! I’ve got plans 🙂

– I’m going to Steemfest in a couple of weeks to help bring more awareness to SteemSavvy and to learn a ton. What I’m looking for on my trip is…Advice & Wisdom! A lot of the people going to Poland are the leaders of this blockchain. The experienced Steemians that have been here since day one…So I hope to pick their brains on how this can add even more value to current and future Steemians.

– I think community growth and support is going to make or break SteemSavvy! So the post I made yesterday about Discord and @steembasicincome will have a big part to play. I want to REWARD active Steemians in the Savvy community. And show them how much they are valued and how important their contributions are to our growth. This will take time to develop a thriving community on Discord but we will show up everyday and help everyone that needs it! Plus our little ‘SBI Angel‘ initiative will help and get people communicating 🙂

– We’ll be hosting weekly training sessions either on stream via @Vimm or in our Discord voice chat. With the goal to BE THERE for our members. If they have questions or concerns, we will do our best to help them on their journey.

– I have plans for some sizeable advertising campaigns offchain. And I’m a huge fan of seeing the STEEM community jumping on Twitter and spreading the word. So combining some marketing initiatives I have up my sleeve with offchain advertising, we should see a nice bump in activity!

– On top of that…SteemSavvy is the focus of my life right now! It’s my passion! I’ll continue to create training videos, fresh blog posts and daily reminders about the service it provides…So apologies right now for constant SteemSavvy propaganda lol

Oh did I mention…This is just the beginning 🙂

So while this isn’t some carefully drafted roadmap, designed to secure ICO funding..What I’m doing is laying out my plans for the next month. With the goal to always grow SteemSavvy and help to educate new Steemians as much as I can.

And what am I asking of you?


I’m looking for your suggestions or ideas on how we can make this the absolute best experience for Steemians at every experience level.

Please do take a minute and join our Discord so we can hear from you. Or leave a comment below on your experience so far…

This is a long term project and something that will grow because of your valuable input, so please do not hesitate to let us know how we can get better!


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