The Secret To Success? Try Things!

It’s been a week now since I’ve been on the west coast of Canada on my little ‘vacation’. Part of this trip was business related but a bigger chunk of my time spent here was for…Rest!

And when you give me some down time and a place to kick my feet up…I end up nose deep into a book…

Last night I travelled to the local bookstore and picked up this book…


Tom Peters is the legendary author of “In Search Of Excellence“, one of the most popular business books ever. The Excellence Dividend is his brand new book that was released a few months ago…

I started diving into it last night and got through the first 20 pages or so when I found this…Arguably one of the biggest success nuggets ever in business…

excellence dividend

What an awesome acronym right?


Whoever tries the most stuff…WINS!

For the better part of the last decade I had this approach to anything I did online. I just tried things. I would experiment with new technology (and fail miserably in the process lol), my partners and I would build new websites, some would be a success, some would crash and burn.

The important thing was…I was active! I was actually TRYING to fail because I knew the more I actually DID things, something would end up being a homerun.

That’s a popular analogy I love to use…In the game of baseball, a run is a run. And the team that scores the most runs wins the game…Now the best part of this game is there are dozens of ways to score a run.

It doesn’t need to be a grand slam or a home run. The important thing is to keep swinging!

It might be a bunt. Maybe a single or double. Heck, you may ever reach home plate on an error by the other team…The point being, the more SWINGS you take, the more chances you have to reach home.

This is Tom’s example and something I believe more entrepreneurs need to adopt.

Try things!

Step up to bat and take a swing!

And how can we ‘try’ things here on STEEM?

It’s easy because of the WEALTH of opportunities right in front of us. One look at the Dapps on this blockchain, and any entrepreneur would salivate at the potential.

From @dlive to @steempress, @dtube to @steepshot…Get out there and TRY these things!

Remember, you don’t need to hit a homerun every time you take a swing to find success…But the more swings you take, eventually you will start to score some runs!



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