The Trick To Sticking Out From The Crowd….Is Actually Quite Simple!

Do yourself a favor….

Before you even read this article, stop and give @theycallmedan a follow.

I say that for quite a few reasons. The guy is brilliant when it comes to this crypto stuff. In the short time I’ve been following him on STEEM, I’ve learned so much. He is a wealth of knowledge and a voice of reason in the madness that is the bear market we face. And in yesterday’s vlog that he put together, one thing he mentioned I thought deserved a post of it’s own….So thanks man, you gave me some ideas for my content today 😉

Anyways…Dan talked about how to progress through a bear market and stay the course while everyone else is abandoning ship. His point that he made about how it’s easier to build during a bear market was brilliant…

Think about this…

How hard was it to make a name for yourself this time last year? Especially on social blockchains like STEEM?

Everyone and their mother seemed to be a crypto guru and experts appeared almost daily in social media. The noise was EXTREMELY LOUD!

And trying to reach out and bump ideas off these ‘experts’ was next to impossible. Whether they were way too busy or just thought you were beneath them…The truth is, getting attention was hard.

Ego, pride…Whatever it was…In bull markets, unless you come into the industry with millions backing your brand, it’ll be a massive uphill battle.


Fast forward a few months and during the mid to late 2018, the noise died down a lot…

The experts disappeared.

The daily content of ‘THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE’ was gone.

And we went back to a smaller community of enthusiasts…Which to be honest, I enjoyed quite a bit 🙂

So if you believe in STEEM and the future of crypto this was the perfect time to BUILD and step up your game!

The noise is gone so it’s much easier to stick out from the crowd.

We were able to buy more STEEM for much cheaper prices. This helped us BUILD our stake in the game!

We could create content everyday and get a larger share of the rewards pool because less people were creating. Again, we BUILD our stake!

We could network with leaders and members of the community and actually get responses back…Foreign concepts in a bull market. We spend time BUILDING relationships.

You see…This bear market has been a blessing in disguise!

This is the time to build literally everything…Whether it’s your relationships with the leaders in the community, to stake in the blockchain….Build it!

If we do this now, when the bears return we will have a fantastic track record of showing up every day and adding value to our community. This means that the newer members of the community will look to US for advice, for leadership and support.

Because this is how the experts of tomorrow are built today….

So forget price. Forget all the drama…Spend the time to BUILD your brand and your stake today!


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