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The Ugly Truth About Building An Online Business

I’m going to get this out of the way now…

Some may call it shock value, others might seer the truth in what I’m about to say.


95% (or more) of you that are trying to build a business online…

Will give up between month 1 and 3!

You’ll say things like…

“I don’t have enough money.”

“The gurus make all the money.”

“The little guy doesn’t stand a chance.”

“It’s a scam…”

The excuses will come from every direction. You’ll convince yourself within the first few months, that you aren’t going to succeed.

And you’ll give up…Or you’ll choose a route that doesn’t require any risk and play it safe. Yeah, between month 1 and month 3…You’ll give up.

I just sent this Tweet out about an hour before I started writing this post…

In the tweet…I think is the ‘trick’ to getting into that top 5% of online businesses that succeed!

Here’s the ‘good news’ about that ugly truth…You are in complete control of whether or not you will become a success with your online business.

1. Create A Budget

You are going to NEED certain tools to build your business. And if you plan this from day one and know that each month, it’s going to cost you X, you’ll be able to focus and not worry about stepping outside of your budget. I personally recommend an autoresponder, a tracking service, an educational platform and hosting account as your minimum ‘MUST’ have tools. And this will run you between 50-100 bucks a month. If you aren’t willing to spend at minimum 50-100 bucks a month on your online business..You don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

2. Stick With It

Guess what…You aren’t going to be rich in 30 days or less! This stuff takes YEARS to build…Heck in my case, I’m almost 20 years into this stuff and STILL haven’t reached where I wanna be. So the art of ‘stick-to-it-of-ness’ is critical to your success with building an online business. Not only sticking with your goals for building a business, look at the previous point…Have a budget and stick to that as well. Ask yourself every month, am I on budget? If things start going good, are you re-investing into your business and personal growth? If not…Google the ‘Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom’🙂 (Or just click this link…)

3. Stop Jumping From Opportunity to Opportunity

I read a fantastic book by Brian Tracy years ago where he mentioned how dedicated professionals know how to ‘get in line and then stay in line‘. This may sound boring but you have to understand, when you develop the reputation for starting something and then quitting…Only to join something brand new the next week..You won’t get far. The power of staying in line means…People start to TRUST you as a leader in your chosen niche or business…Your time is coming, but if you jump from here and there…You go to the back of the line and have to start all over.

So there’s some tips to help you get out of ‘ugly statistics‘…You aren’t failing when building a business gets hard…It’s supposed to be hard. Embrace that!

And stay the course.

No matter what you do…Don’t ever give up. It’s fine to adjust your plans and keep swinging…But don’t fall into those statistics…You are about to create something amazing.

We just need to get out of our own way….And stop being our own worst enemy.


online business

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