The Ultimate Cure For Writer’s Block

When you think of Steem what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Blockchain? Content creation? Social media? A little bit of everything?

For me, it’s my preferred blogging platform (Steemit) and a way to build my personal brand across an exciting new social media platform.

And part of building a brand in social media is to keep your content flowing, almost daily!

Out of sight, out of mind….So it’s my job as a content creator to stay in front of as many people as I can, as often as I can, everywhere I can…

That’s a tough challenge for a lot of us…Coming up with valuable quality content every day.

And if you’ve ever tried to create content through blogging, you’ll know all too much about writer’s block!

We get stuck and can sometimes stare at the computer for hours on end…

Here’s a tip for all of you that might be suffering from this and I know it helps me more than anything else out there…


If I need a good idea on a blog post, I’ll usually find it within the pages of a great book. And when you think about it, it makes sense because you are being inspired by thought leaders in their field.

Wanna learn about social media? Read ‘Crushing It‘ by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Curious about leadership? John C. Maxwell’s ‘Winning With People‘ is a gem…

How about marketing and advertising? ‘Purple Cow‘ by Seth Godin is a must read.

Now obviously my niches and passions are found in social media, personal development and business. But you will never have a shortage of great authors for ANYTHING you love to write about.

For basically 20 bucks we get access into the minds of these authors. Who share their passions and thoughts with us and inspire us to build something awesome.

I cannot express how many times it’s happened to me…I’m stuck on what to write about and just start turning the pages of a book and before you know it, I have pages of notes and ideas for content!

Heck, it even happened last night when I was reading Tom Peters ‘The Excellence Dividend‘…From just one chapter in his book I got about 3-4 days worth of content…And how much did that book cost me….18 bucks? Maybe 20…

Reading puts you into ‘creative thinking mode‘ and allows you to take a concept that an author presents, and develop your own ideas and opinions…It’s the ultimate ‘get unstuck‘ hack I’ve ever used and I know it’ll help you create awesome content for your blog!

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