The Vicious Cycle Of Fear & How To Break It

A few days ago, Justin and I held a seminar on fear and how it can freeze your progress forward to become your biggest hurdle for your business and life. Today I wanted to break down the cycle of fear and give you a step by step game plan on how to get out of the chains that hold us all back from time to time…First up, the ‘vicious cycle of fear‘…

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The craziest thing about fear is that it shows it’s ugly head in all aspects of our life. We can never really escape it, as it’s part of our DNA to experience it. The paralyzing fact about fear is that it completely stops us before we ever get going. It leads to inaction which starts us down a path towards…Ignorance. And as you know, that is the incubator for all fear…When you don’t know, you don’t grow.

Fortunately…There is a way to snap out of it and take your business and life on a new path towards success…However it only happens whens you plan your attack to conquer fear once and for all!

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Let’s look at each step in detail…

1. It All Starts With Your Dreams – Your dreams are so important! What do you want to achieve? How far do you want to go? Asking yourself this essentially helps determine your reason WHY! Sure we all want to make money and succeed in life, but when you analyze your dreams and ask yourself how far you want to go, you start to develop achievable goals that can be reached with effort. It fires you up, and it gets you ready to tackle the next step…

2. Your Goals Help Map Out Your Actions – Having dreams and goals doesn’t help you at all if you aren’t putting your game plan into action. And to do this, you need a plan of attack. By having your goals written down on paper (or a white board) you can visualize what you need to work on and the steps needed to make it happen. It all comes down to this…If you actually DO SOMETHING positive, you grow. You start to see results….

3. The Actions You Take, Create Results –
Amazing isn’t it? We started with a dream, which mapped out our goals and now we are taking action on the steps we need to grow….And look what starts showing up? That’s right…Results! Results can be different from person to person, but for me it can be as simple as growing my list by a few people every day. Or networking with a fellow entrepreneur this week. Maybe it’s a sale or two, or even a few referrals…The important part of this step though, is that we are seeing results from our game plan.

4. Which Ends With This Simple Formula….Results = Success Ahhhh Success! Imagine this…If you started today and everyday you made the commitment to generate one new lead every day, for a year. At the end of the year you now have 365 potential new customers for your business. Throughout this year, you are developing a strong relationship with each of these leads, growing your brand and reputation as someone that’s accountable and is an action taker…A year from now, you are ahead of 99.9% of all your competition!

But this doesn’t happen unless you dream big, plan your goals and start taking action on them!

This is how we beat the vicious cycle of fear, by attacking it head on. With a strong game plan for success that has proven to separate the ‘nay sayers’ from the ‘do’ers’…Let’s get to work on your game plan to success now!

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