The Wrap Up From The SteemCreators Conference

What a week it’s been! The SteemCreators conference officially wrapped up yesterday and it left quite an impression on all attendees.

Throughout the week I had this excitement build inside me that solidified my passion for this blockchain. I know it sounds corny when you hear it over and over again but this place is ALL about community!

The people are what made this event so special…

We started off the day with an emotional yet powerful presentation from @captainbob


He broke down why stories are important and how they influence everything we do in content creation. Heck, his presentation even had some attendees shedding a tear or two…It was THAT good!

Next up was one of the coolest Steemians I have met yet… @anomadsoul


His story was remarkable and showed that when you put all the excuses behind you, great things can happen on the blockchain. He really cemented my belief in STEEM even more and I’m grateful to have met him and hear his STEEM story!

The day continued on with a passionate talk from @adamkokesh as well as another fantastic live performance by @steembirds and a surprise dual with the Steem Sisters!

What a treat that was!!

The conference wrapped up by what is called ‘the pitch party’…Steemians got to stand up in front of the crowd and a panel of experts and let the world know what they wanted to build on the blockchain.


Here’s a brand new Steemian (@lifesacircus) stepping up and sharing with us her passion about live performance and her dreams to bring that to the blockchain. Heck, she even did a few hand stands and cartwheels for us 😉


And another brand new Steemian @bimjer sharing his passion for health care and seeing what he could bring to the table and getting great ideas from the panel and crowd.

The worst thing about these events is that they end…

The stories you hear, the excitement you develop makes live events so much worth the effort to attend. And none of it happened without @steemcafe and @larrymorrison These guys are true gems on the STEEM blockchain and I can’t thank you both for the opportunity.

It was an awesome experience. I’m even more excited now about STEEM than I was a week ago and have met some remarkable people in the process.

I’m looking forward to attending as many STEEM based events as I can and specifically SteemCreators Austin next April….

You are in really good hands folks! If you have any doubt about this blockchain and community, just attend one of these events and you will see what matters most….The awesome people that make STEEM…STEEM!

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