Thinking Outside Of The Box [VIDEO]

Thinking outside of the box! You hear it talked about as a sure fire way to find success in business and life. But exactly how do you THINK outside of the box? Join me today as I share with you how I ‘think’ outside of the average box that seems to trap entrepreneurs and internet marketers…Click ‘Read More’ to watch the show.

4 thoughts to “Thinking Outside Of The Box [VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks for the video!

    I have to agree with you and there are many people with good business plans in their minds but they fail to take even the first step. Anyone who does not take the first step, even as simple as writing down goals, will never see through it and be successful!

    1. Absolutely…That’s the problem. We KNOW what to do, but very few actually DO what is required.

      Knowing is great, doing is better.

  2. Hi jon, nice vídeo….you right. The challenge is to put in practics the ideas that you read on the road . I red some books that produce a sensación of losting time for the repetiveness of the ideas…

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