“This Is A World Community Where We Can Really Make A Difference…”

I’ll get this out of the way right now!

This post is a massive SHOUT OUT to @TheyCallMeDan and his latest video seen here on Dtube!

I’m not alone in my belief this is one of the most important videos about STEEM ever… @Meno stated in his latest post too…He found himself smashing his keyboard in excitement screaming YES with every point that was brought up!!! lol

Seriously though…What Dan’s video talked about is the real reason why I like so many others believe in this blockchain with every ounce of my being…

And I quote:

“I can give…$1 a day to 100 Venezuelans…Without it coming out of my pocket. With ease. Automatically! You can’t do that anywhere else!!!….This is a world community where we can really make a difference!”

I’ll give you a little insight as to why I was drawn to crypto when I first got started. I was a huge supporter of projects like Over the years in my ‘offchain’ business, I helped raise almost $20,000 in funds to help entrepreneurs around the world…

And Kiva exists because major banks don’t represent the ENTIRE population of this world. So Kiva started micro-loaning funds out to entrepreneurs from these countries that big banks didn’t set up shop in…I loved the idea! (And think a STEEM-based version of Kiva would be awesome lol)

As an entrepreneur I’m a HUGE fan of others trying to better their lives through business so Kiva made sense to me…

But what about crypto?

It was a bank…For the un-bankable!

These folks had access to mobile phones and had plenty of entrepreneurial spirit…So crypto became a way for them to be their own bank and build on their dreams. Just one look at the STEEM community and you will see entrepreneurs and contents creators from EVERY corner of the globe…

And with STEEM, it’s easy to support them in the form of upvotes, delegation, project support, community initiatives

I mean, the possibilities are endless here!

This is why STEEM has something every other blockchain on earth has yet to build…A global community! Sure you have fans of various coins in all countries, but a true global community…That seems to WANT to help each other?

I just have yet to see it!

Except here in STEEM!

Folks, don’t let the FUD get to you. Stop listening to the ignorance. Start building your account on STEEM now! While everyone is looking at the shiny new darling coin on CoinMarketCap…Know that you are in the best place, at the best time in history.

We’re seeing the changes and projects being developed in front of our eyes..

From @Freecrypto ‘s #Seven77 to @NathanMars ‘ Twitter Hustle! And @Actifit getting us off our rear ends, to @SteemBasicIncome changing people’s lives. From @Steemmonsters to @DrugWars …This is a global movement, that no one can stop…

Enjoy the ride folks, it’s going to be amazing!


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