This…Is How You ‘Do’ STEEM Right! People & Relationships First!

My journey on STEEM started out like the majority of everyone else’s…

I saw the CRYPTO BULL RUN!!!!

As much as I’d like to say I was here for the technology first, I saw the chance to make the ‘big crypto profits’ on a social media platform that used a blockchain. And of course, just saying the word ‘blockchain‘ in 2017 meant…LAMBO!

Reality is a great teacher and while we aren’t all driving around in luxury, we are building something very special here. Being on STEEM for over a year, I can see where the real wealth is here…

It’s the people!

It’s the relationships!

And that is always evident when you start attending offline events…I’ve been to 2 since I joined STEEM, the first was SteemCreators in Toronto and more recently Steemfest3 in Krakow.

The PEOPLE were the main attraction. Sure it was interesting to learn about the development taking place and all the exciting developments. But the relationships formed at these events, have carried over to the blockchain in more ways that I can describe. It’s been…Awesome!

I have to shout out one of those relationships I’ve built since Toronto. And this guy showed me how much he values the ‘people’ side of this blockchain as well as growing the professional relationship with yours truly.

@kenmelendez doesn’t need an introduction if you’ve been on STEEM for any amount of time.

A young entrepreneur from the Cleveland Ohio area is a ‘give first’ kind of Steemian. His focus on personal development, success strategies and content creation flows right along side my passions as well. He ‘gets it‘ when it comes to STEEM but more importantly….

He ‘gets’ it when it comes to building relationships!

I celebrated my ‘1 year on STEEM anniversarylast week and I was getting warm wishes and congratulations from all you awesome sauce readers and followers. But then my phone lights up from a message by Ken. I go to my blog but I don’t see his comments??

That’s because Ken didn’t send me a comment on my blog…


It was a memo in the 25 STEEM he sent me as a gift!

That’s…Pretty awesome 😉

Now you may think…Oh Jon is raving about Ken because the dude sent him STEEM.

LOL Hey, I’m never going to say no to STEEM tokens showing up in my wallet….But that’s only part of it…

1. Ken did this randomly. So it showed he was not only paying attention to his followers and friends on STEEM…He wanted to show me, he valued our journey together.

2. Let me tell you, once I realized that it wasn’t a comment but a gift…I knew I was going to write about it. Acts like this, get people talking…I doubt Ken did this for any kind of press or publicity…But he’s going to get it from me lol

These kind of things cannot be taught…Because it comes from inside. Genuine people wanting to work WITH and grow WITH others. This is the kind of community we are attracting on STEEM….People like Ken!

And this is why I say….Build the relationships and get to know the PEOPLE here on STEEM now. Worry about what the price is and how much money you may make later…

Because without the people, STEEM is nothing and it’s the major focus of anyone that understands social media and community…We have to spend the time to get to know our fellow Steemians and grow the relationships with them.

Maybe it’s not at an offline event (even though that helps a ton lol) but it’s in the day to day interactions we have here….And no, that doesn’t mean you need to send someone 25 STEEM to get their attention…Spend the TIME and spend your ATTENTION on others here…That way, we all win!


Catch Ken and myself…As well as other awesome sauce content creators in Austin Texas for….

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