This Post Will Be Downvoted….

This post will be downvoted!

But not for the reasons you may think….

It’s not for spam, I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far of keeping my ‘spammy ways’ off of Steem over the past 2 years.

It won’t be because of a flag war. I also stayed WELL clear of that craziness since I got to the blockchain.

It will be because I want to reward engagement, content creation and people creating content for their first time….

When I first got onto Steem, I had this crazy vision to bring my online businesses over to the blockchain. It was a pretty decent game plan. You see, I come from the affiliate marketing side of the internet and one of the things I have been teaching my customers for years is not only the importance of content creation (developing a platform online) but also to step out of your comfort zone…


So in my training @ClickTrackProfit I teach people to come to Steem…And start creating content.

I have detailed modules training them on the importance of content marketing and then introducing them to our tribe here on Steem – CTP


Here’s the hurdles we face in our business model…

A lot of our customers and members are fascinated to try their hands at affiliate marketing, but once they hear that they need to start blogging and creating content on social media…They freeze up.

It’s not always the case but the majority of my members are learning this stuff for the first time. So stepping out from behind their computers is a HUGE deal for some of them. But we encourage them to come to Steem regardless…And start creating.

We support them with upvotes, comments, community support and….. @SteemBasicIncome units….

And that is why this post will be downvoted.

You see, there is an account on Steem that has been waging war on Steem Basic Income for over a month now. And I’ve had dialogue with the individual, he doesn’t seem like a bad dude…But there seems to be some massive misunderstanding of what SBI is.

To him, it’s a voting circle. The ability to buy your votes for your content. And as you may or may not know, SBI works by someone ‘sponsoring‘ you into the program. The more people you sponsor, the more units you accumulate. The more SBI you get, the bigger your vote can be.

To me, it’s a huge win-win for everyone…But apparently since Hardfork 21 we are against any form of ‘vote buying’. I get it, and that’s fine.

Here’s my concern….

I’m telling hundreds of my members…Come to Steem. We’ll support you! And up until recently, they got downvoted if I bought them some SBI. Thankfully, the account in question has stated that from now on only people that ‘sponsor’ others will be downvoted.

However what does this tell the people that are brand new to Steem?

“Come on over…And even though we want to engage with you, and support you…We’ll get downvoted and you might down the road as well…!”

Remember, these are people that took HUGE steps to just get out of their comfort zones to start posting here to document their journey…

It’s troubling.

At the same time, I don’t mind getting the downvotes instead of my customers. So that’s fine, I’ll take the loss every time I sponsor someone into SBI because I believe in rewarding people that take action.

But seriously…Downvoting has missed the mark big time.

Wasn’t it meant to protect the blockchain from spam?

I guess someone will say that ‘vote buying hurts Steem’ but I think what hurts Steem more is when people come here and go through the massive learning curve just to get their account set up, develop the courage to create and then see….


I’m not saying downvotes don’t have their use case, they do and are important…I just think we need to start using them to protect from spam instead of scaring would be content creators away….



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Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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