These Three Things [VIDEO]

It’s amazing how three little things can change you life!

I was re-reading Plus 1 Success today and going over some of the tips and tricks within it and my eyes focused on one particular section. It had to do with writing down 3 simple tasks that you can accomplish each and every day, that when you started making it a habit, turned your business and life around in no time at all.

What do I mean by 3 simple tasks?

Let’s be honest, we all hear about the internet millionaires and internet marketing gurus that make 10,000 dollars a day while they sleep and we start thinking we can accomplish what they do. We try, poke around in some online opportunities, but rarely ever hit that ‘dream’ that we believed. Those goals are completely attainable, but we need to take baby steps to achieve them.

So instead of writing down 3 things like…Make a million dollars this week, refer 10,000 people into an opportunity, and get our Apple stock to quadruple before the market closes…Let’s focus on 3 things that we can do, every day that will help us grow.

Remember, we want to be better at sunset than we are at sunrise, that’s the entire DNA of Plus 1 Daily so try things like this;

These Three Things

That’s on my white board today….Nothing revolutionary and nothing that will directly make me a million bucks today. But imagine if I did this..Every day, for a year.

I wrote a blog post. Every day.

I engaged with 1 or more new people that I met online. Every day.

I followed and retweeted someone of influence on Twitter. Every day.

Do you see how this can add up?

We don’t need to move mountains overnight but if we start doing three achievable goals, every single day for a year…The results can and WILL change your life.

That’s Plus 1 Daily, that’s how you build the business and life of your dreams!

7 thoughts to “These Three Things [VIDEO]”

  1. Great lesson today Jon

    3 things today:

    1. Organise to get blog designed better
    2. Share something on FB & Twitter
    3. Exercise!

    If I don’t put that last one down, I find excuses why NOT to do it haha

  2. Excellent, I like how its just three things, thats easy, I’ve had (to do lists) with sometimes 20 things on the list, and guess what? I rarely did I get everything ticked off. Small achievable chunks sounds like a good plan.

  3. Hmmm…
    1. Categorize
    a. business:
    1. servers
    2. clients
    3. websites/branding
    b. personal:
    1. family
    2. house and meals
    2. Priorize
    a. business
    b. personal
    3. Exercise more than pushing from computer to printer and back (great idea, Leone!!)

    Too general?

    1. Nah whatever works for you. 🙂

      I mean for me, it’s 3 simple things that I can do every day that help me grow and reach my goals.

      So I know I need to network more with like minded people to grow my business, so meeting a new person every day and engaging them is important.

      So I try to do that every day.

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