Time To Try The Plus 1 Quiz


OK so let’s see how many of these five questions you can get right.

  1. Complete this well known phrase. “Lights, Camera, ******”
  2. What is the missing word: “******* speak louder than words.”
  3. Your call page must have a “call to ******.”
  4. “For every ****** there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
  5. “****** always beats intention.”

OK so here are the answers.

  1. action
  2. actions
  3. action
  4. action
  5. action

So how did you do?

None right: You didn’t even attempt the quiz did you?

1 right: You stopped after one question.

2 right: You stopped after two questions.

3 right: You found a pattern here I guess.

4 right: You definitely found the pattern.

5 right: You nailed the first Plus 1 quiz.

So take today’s blog post as a light-hearted distraction from the rest of your regular activities but now it is time to get back to those action steps to ensure that you Plus 1 today.

What are today’s action steps? Quite simply they are whatever is necessary to achieve your Plus 1 goal for today.

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