Today was a very emotional day for my family and myself…

I attended the funeral for my grandmother who was my last living grandparent. One one hand, it’s the end of an era. The patriarch of my family has been laid to rest in a very classy but somber service…

On the other hand…She left me with one last lesson as only she could 🙂

In the eulogy that my Dad made…He mentioned how we only have limited time here on earth. And then stated that my Grandmother tried to do the seemingly impossible in her life…She always tried to stretch time.

She was grateful for the TIME that we spent with her.

She chose to use her TIME on activities that grew relationships with her family.

And she knew TIME was limited so she used every single second that she could to build her relationships with those that mattered most. And usually that meant us, her family.

I’m so grateful for my grandparents. I lived to 41 years of age until they all passed away and still had all of them alive for most of my adult life.

And I’m grateful for the TIME that I got to spend with each of them.

Time is our most valuable asset.

We are allocated 1440 minutes every day (God willing…) and we get to choose, how to spend it!

We can choose to waste our time…On things we can’t control. Complaining about the weather. On crypto currency drama. On political garbage…

Or we can choose to use our 1440 minutes on things that DO matter.

On family.

On relationships.

And on improving our journey!

So at the end of the day, here’s my 92 year old grandmother…Teaching me one last lesson in life. And arguably one of the most important lessons…Anyone could learn.

Choose where you spend your time wisely!

And when we spend it like my grandmother did…We can stretch those 1440 minutes to mean so much more in our own lives.

Rest well Grandma. I love you and miss you very much.

Thank you for the TIME you spent with me!


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