Tips On Building A Remarkable Steem Based Discord Community

Today I had the privilege of co-hosting the ‘Our Steem‘ weekly show with @clixmoney inside the SteemSavvy community Discord server. This weekly showcase is bridging different communities around Steem in the hopes of bringing us all together and helping to grow our blockchain.

One of the questions was asked today…How do we make our communities ‘stick out’ from the crowd?

With dozens if not hundreds of different Steem-based Discord communities out there, how do we make our experience for our members…Remarkable?

There is a lot of noise out there, so hopefully these few tips can help our unique communities stick out from that noise…

1. Think of your community as a ‘blue chip stock’ – What is a blue chip stock? It’s a public company that has stood the test of time. They have a track record of performing every quarter, every year, every decade…There is consistency there. It’s something people invest their money into because they KNOW that stock will be there tomorrow. Think of your Discord community like this…What will make people ‘invest‘ in your community? What will make them spend their precious time with you? If we build our communities with this mindset, we will think value first always and make it attractive for our community members to be a part of what we are building!

2. Reward Your Members – I’m not saying you need to go and spend a small fortune on giving away prizes…But it’s helped build our community @SteemSavvy . I will make sure I use tools like @SteemBasicIncome to reward active members inside our community. If they reach a certain level within our Discord server, they are given SBI. And it tiers up…The higher level they get to, the more SBI they are awarded.

We also use a REALLY cool service called DiscordTip…This allows us to ‘fund’ our account with STEEM and then ‘tip’ our members…As you can see, it’s crazy simple to use and our members really appreciate getting random STEEM in their accounts 😉

3. Highlight Your Members – Something @clixmoney has done in the past that is brilliant is that he interviews his members and different people in the Steem community. This is so powerful and shows others that you want to highlight their journey and everything they are doing on Steem!

We do this also in the form of the SteemSavvy Member Spotlight every week…Once again, showcasing our amazing members and the awesome contributions they are making to the @SteemSavvy community…It doesn’t cost you a penny, plus your members WILL appreciate it. It’s about building loyalty one member at a time…Speaking of which…

4. Focus On 3, Not 3000 – This is a a massive tip I’ve trained my members in my off-chain businesses on for years…We are so worried about vanity metrics! We want thousands of followers. And we are looking for dozens of people joining our Discord every hour…I recommend that you stop worrying about 3000 people and start focusing in on 3 people! And this builds huge loyalty and makes our members feel appreciated. We spend the time to get to know them, work with them, help them every day…We have a real sense of community from that. And here’s the kicker….The more we SHOW our members that we care, the more others start to notice. So focusing on the 3…Actually ATTRACTS the 3000 😉

5. Patience…Be Consistent! – More than likely the hardest pill to swallow! Building a thriving community takes time. There is no ‘get people quick scheme’ when it comes to this stuff. It’s literally, showing up everyday, delivering value, working with your members and help them each and every day. Again…No secret formula, no secret hand shakes…Just showing up and being consistent. And I’d argue…This is the BEST way to build a community on Steem and Discord 🙂

These are just a few tips that should help anyone build a remarkable community on Steem. It should not be taken as gospel but it does work…Find your own methods to adding value to your community members and you will start to grow a community that supports each other and the vision of the community as a whole.

If you need any help or want to work with the @SteemSavvy community, we’re always looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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