Tips To Boost Engagement For Your Blog Posts On Steemit


It seems to be what serious bloggers and content creators are after, especially on the STEEM blockchain. If you look on paper you will see…A vibrant community with over 1 million members, content that stretches every niche you could imagine and the potential to earn real cash posting and curating daily…

That’s on paper…

What you get is ‘bot’ accounts that end up following you. ‘Awesome post, please upvote me!‘ comments. And very little discussion on blog posts you spent hours to draft…

Newer Steemians end up irritated and they usually give up after a month or two. Why would I waste my time in a community that doesn’t seem to value my content and effort..? – They say…

In this blog post I hope to add insight and helpful tips on how you can get more engagement with every post you make on the blockchain…By no means should these tips and tricks be taken as gospel…Just some observations of a 7 month old Steemian and a decade old blogger 🙂

I do hope they help and you get value from this post…

1. Ask Yourself…Are You Leading By Example?

Truth be told, we’re quick to point the finger at everyone else but we fail to realize there’s even more fingers pointing back at us when we do. If you expect enaggement….Engage yourself! Start by finding the niche or topic that you have a passion for and then…Engage! Meet the members of that community, upvote them, resteem their content…But most importantly, COMMENT on their blogs! If you get into the habit of doing this multiple times a day…Reciprocity starts to show up 🙂

2. Add Some Passion To Your Posts!

Here’s the truth about passion…People are attracted to it. If you LOVE what you do, it will shine through! If you are writing about crypto because you think that’s what STEEM wants…And you still aren’t sure what HODL means…People will see through it. But if you LOVE your niche and it shows…You will attract an audience that wants to hear and read what you have to say. Be genuine and create posts with passion!

3. Use @Dlive & @Dtube

I’m a HUGE fan of video…Whether it’s live or recorded there is something special about seeing someone’s face when they are creating their content. You can see the passion, the love and the dedication they have to their craft and you build relationships with your audience. People feel like they get to know the real you and the best part of this is…We have the amazing apps on this blockchain to use at our disposal! Get out there and do a live stream on @dlive ! Ask questions of your audience, take a poll, show off your gaming skills..Whatever it is! People wanna KNOW you before they engage with you and video is the perfect avenue to do it. Not comfortable doing a live stream? No worries, record something and upload it to @dtube today!

4. Create A Contest

This got more engagement to my blog than I ever thought possible! What a win it was and there is nothing stopping you from rewarding your audience with a fun contest, giveaway or prize. I give away everything from Steem Power, to SBD to real physical books…But you are not limited to only those things…Create something that gets people talking and the engagement will follow!

5. Get Involved With Discord Groups

I should also note that you can use Steem Chat as well, but I’m horrible at engaging on Steem Chat and always forget to open it (I promise to get better!) However this tip can be used for all forms of messaging…I prefer Discord but there are some awesome Telegram groups out there too. What’s amazing is that it takes the community feel of STEEM and brings it off the chain where you can continue to add value to any number of communities in STEEM. Most of these communities have their own discord server so all it takes is for you to go there, meet some awesome people and ADD VALUE to the community. If you do that over time, you will get their support! Be genuine, add value and engage daily!

These are all simple to follow tips but the big question on everyone’s mind is…

“This engagement stuff is fine, but how do I get the upvotes??”

Here’s my promise to you…Once you stop worrying about getting an upvote or two, and concentrate your effort on engagement with your readers…Magical things will happen 🙂

Your number one priority on this blockchain is to engage with people every single day…When you make that your main goal, everything else will fall into place!

BTW Here’s a bonus tip….Once you have 500 Steem Power, start to upvote EVERY comment that people make on your blog. If they took the time to leave a genuine comment to the discussion, the least you can do is upvote them! It’s a respect thing and it will go VERY far! It’s what I do here and would LOVE to upvote YOUR comment below 🙂

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