Top 3 Books of 2019

It’s time once again…

Every ‘new’ year I go over my top 3 books that I’ve read over the past 12 months.

It’s something I’ve been doing for quite some time now and even though I have gone through some fantastic books last year, these are the 3 that stood out the most to me.

And here they are, in no particular order 🙂


This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

I guess a disclaimer is in order. I’m a huge Seth Godin fan. In fact, my favoite marketing book of all time i his classic ‘Purple Cow‘. So much so that when people ask me what book they should read first to get started in business….I recommend it 10 times out of 10.

This Is Marketing has elements of Purple Cow but brings things up to current times. This book explores what works in 2019 (errrr 2020) and what doesn’t. A fantastic marketing book but it’s so much more. It’s business, it’s personal development….If you are familiar with Seth Godin, you know what to expect.

A must read for anyone in marketing or online business!

Watch the full review here!


Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Here’s a theme…You’ll find two of my favorite authors in my top 3 books of the past 12 months. Yeah, big surprise, I’m a raving fan of John C. Maxwell. And his latest book Leadershift was an absolute joy to read.

John’s ability to write like he’s sitting in the room talking to you is second to none. I think that’s why I enjoy his books so much. You spend around 20 bucks to be able to have John mentor you all about leadership. Arguably the best 20 bucks you can spend. 😉

Leadershift was all about change. The book focused on taking leaders and changing their thinking, actions and skills to better serve others.

A wonderful read and something all of us could benefit from.

Watch the full review here!


Blockchain: The Next Everything by Stephen P. Williams

Oh this was an absolute TREAT to read!

I have to admit, I’ve read a lot of blockchain books over the past few years but like most things when it comes to this topic…It’s written for PHd’s in computer science. This book, was written for ‘the rest of us’.

Sure, it tackled by issues and technical aspects of blockchain technology, but it was written where everyday people (who just wanna use this stuff) can enjoy it….And learn a TON from it as well.

This was the perfect introduction for anyone interested or new to blockchain and crypto currencies.

A much needed resource for all of us.

Watch the full review here!

And there you have it…My top 3 books of the past 12 months!

But I have a question for you….

What are your top 3 books of 2019?

Make sure you add them in the comments below because…Well…I’m a book worm and need to get recommendations on what to buy and read next 😉

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