Top 3 Books That I Read Last Year

I thought I’d give you guys a different kind of post today, and it’s something that is very near and dear to my heart….Books 😉

If you know me, you’ll know how addicted I am to reading. It’s an obsession and borderline scary how much I love to read. I find that the best investment I have ever made in my business has been….My personal library!

So today I thought I’d go over my 3 favorite books that I read last year. These books didn’t necessarily get released in 2015, I just happened to read them last year….Ready? let’s dig in….

1. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon – This was my introduction to Jon Gordon, who is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors of all time. This book got me hooked and I’ve read almost everything this guy has written since…

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The Energy Bus is a fantastic parable about a guy named George and how he looked at life. He was miserable, he blamed the world for his problems and was just a negative ‘nancy’ in all areas of life. One Monday morning, he ends up taking a bus to work and meets a lovely lady by the name of ‘Joy’….Let’s just say, Joy shows him the errors of his ways and George starts to turn his life around.

This book, rocks! It’s a quick read but the lesson in it can change your outlook on life!

2. The 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone – If you don’t know who Grant is, you aren’t paying enough attention to social media and sales experts! This guy is a tour-de-force online and absolutely crushes everything he touches!

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The 10 X Rule is pretty simple to grasp. Stop settling and WORK YOUR BUTT OFF! Instead of running on neutral in your business, do 10 times the amount that is required. 10 times in everything you do, from business, to health, to learning, to life…Everything. Don’t take the easy road and start getting the life you deserve.

This book is beyond powerful and a very good wake up call for all your excuses!

3. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday
– Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power is one of my all time favorite books and when I learned about Ryan and how he worked directly with Robert early in his career, I had to dive right in and see what he had to offer…

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The Obstacle Is The Way shows you that in fact…The struggle is the opportunity! You are going to go through trials and tribulations and you are to embrace them all. It’s part of what builds you as a better entrepreneur and person all around. Ryan really makes this an engaging and easy to read book that’s filled with useful information to help build the business an life of your dreams.

This shows readers that they should embrace that things are hard, and know that 99% of the people that do have a bump in the road…Give up while the leaders of the future, keep going!

As you can see…I’m a book nerd! And I would LOVE to see what you have read recently…Drop a comment below and let me hear your recommendations…Feed my addiction 😉

9 thoughts to “Top 3 Books That I Read Last Year”

  1. Well I certainly have hit bumps in the road. It just never occurred to me to give up because of them. The things that have made me question my interest in this work are the people I run into. Most are nice. I love most of my subscribers and clients but the competition and so called colleagues are hard to stand up to sometimes.

    it has always been the people like Jon and the rest of the TimTech team that have brought me back to the table and helped me see that I will never please everybody so I have to do the best thing for myself. Present a good product, deliver traffic, never forget those that helped you get there, and persevere every day.

  2. I will just give the best book I read in 2015 – The One World Schoolhouse by Sal Khan of Khan Academy fame. This guy has a vision to educate the world for free. Inspirational and a feel good read.


  3. Hi Jon and once again a great post! I admire how much you love reading. My Mom loved reading, too. I never liked to read because I had allot of trouble seeing when I was a kid when my left eye turned in and I couldn’t see out of it very well. I got it operated on when I was 8 and it started when I was 5. Anyway I really admire your love of books. I do read allot more now on the Internet, my big huge book.

    But you know what Jon, I just remembered a book I just loved when I was a kid. I hardly ever read any books but I read the book about Helen Keller part of her life written for children. You might want to read about her. She was born blind, deaf and dumb and learned sign language and braille and became an accomplished woman. My Mom got me that book because at one time I thought I was going to go blind in my left eye. I just loved it! I highly recommend reading about Helen Keller’s life! 🙂

  4. Hey Jon, thanks for the book recommendations man.

    I’ve heard very good things about “The 10x Rule” but still haven’t read it yet.

    Never heard about the other two though but they seem pretty interesting, thanks again for the recommendations and btw, you should link to Amazon.

    I would have zero problems on clicking on affiliate links (even if you’re not looking after some extra money on the side) 😉


    1. Yeah man, you know what’s funny…I’ve been recommending books for years on my blogs using Amazon affiliate links….Made a grand total of 15 cents lol

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