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Top Of Mind by John Hall [Book Review]

I love books that come recommended by people I know, like and trust. I was scanning Facebook a few weeks ago and discovered the book Top Of Mind by John Hall and saw many of the people I look up to recommending it.

So before I dive into the book review, a quick note…If you have any books you’d love to recommend for me to read, please do 🙂

O.K., let’s dig in….

Top Of Mind is a book about content marketing. It talks about how we can use content to be front and center in the minds of our potential customers and clients.

Content marketing is nothing new however…

It’s a popular form of marketing that was brought to our attention by companies like HubSpot, and marketing powerhouses like Ryan Deiss. The concept is pretty straight forward…

Add value to your readers and potential customers by giving them content that helps them on their journey. And do that…Consistently over time.

Obviously there is more to it than just that, and this is where Top Of Mind comes it. John adds his experience and expertise in the field but breaks it down into understandable chunks that even the newest marketer will understand.

For the record, I love content marketing.

One look at this blog and you can see how much I believe in it. So this book was not only a blast to read but had some great tips and tricks on how to put better ‘content’ out in the market.

Top Of Mind talked about how when we are providing our readers with great content, over time we start to ‘stick in their minds’ as someone to do business with. Case studies like how it takes 7 to 20 ‘touch points‘ before a sale is made really hammered home the importance of not only putting good stuff out there, but do it consistently.

That is the biggest hurdle when it comes to developing a content marketing game plan…Actually sticking to it!

This is about influence! This is about getting your customers to think of you before any one else and without being sleazy about it. Gone are the days of hard closes and pushy salespeople…Now it’s about how valuable your content is to potential customers and how you can HELP them in their business and life.

Thankfully, Top Of Mind helps us all become better content marketers and aids us in the journey to put valuable and useful information out in the market for our customers to absorb.

A great book and a must read for anyone in online business and looking to influence more people.

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