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Top Of Mind Marketing On Steem

I read a book a few years ago call Top Of Mind by John Hall. <- Not an affiliate link...You should just buy his book, it's awesome!

It was one of those books that leaves an impression on you for years to come…I consider it a marketing classic and right up there with books like Purple Cow and Crush It.

One of the biggest take aways from it was this…People are bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages each day. And if we think our customers / readers will simply remember us, because we’re nice people, we’re in for a surprise.

We must put effort into being seen as often as we can…And that comes in the form (for me at least) in content creation.

As luck would have it…I discovered the Steem blockchain and it’s been full speed ahead since.

The power of the blockchain, mixed with the potential of social media. Yeah the sky is the limit here…

However many new Steemians and members to get stuck thinking;

1. Their content must be of Pulitzer Prize winning quality.
2. You can write one post a month, and followers will flock to you.
3. If you don’t get 50 upvotes, your content failed to do it’s job

Here’s a little self examination of my journey here on Steem.

– I joined…December 17th, 2017.

So I’ve been on the blockchain for 663 days…

– My journey on Steem has now allowed me to create, 650 pieces of content in those 663 days…(Technically, this is post 651 😉)


Not too bad huh?

Almost a post a day since I’ve been here. And I’m hardly what you would call a Pulitzer Prize winning author. My stuff is like Grade 5 level content…People can read it in a few minutes, hopefully get some value from it and continue on their day.

I’ll never be one of the ‘highly rewarded top of the food chain content creators‘ on Steem…And I’m not trying to be. I’m just trying to stay in front of people 🙂

However…If you take a look at my @Steemitboard stats from a few months ago, you’ll notice a trend….


I track my ‘rewards’ on Steem every week or two…For the simple reason that I want to make sure I’m growing here on the blockchain. Both in upvote count and rewards per post.

A few months ago I was generating about 14 Steem as an average reward per post…I’m now up to 17.25. (View screen shot above…)

Why is that?

Has my content gotten better? Maybe, but I doubt it…

Has the hardfork increased my payouts? Not sure if @Steemitboard takes that into consideration, but if anything it’s taken from my rewards…

Why do I have an increase in rewards then?

Ahhhhh snap!

Remember the 5-500-5000 game plan?

It was simple enough…Show up, everyday. Engage with people. Everyday. Create and curate. Everyday.

Become top of mind to your followers!

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t creating epic blog posts that English teachers around the world would marvel at…I just created. Everyday.

And I didn’t really concern myself with trying to generate 10,000 followers. I was grateful and rewarded the 2346 that engaged with me everyday….


I just showed up everyday and did everything I could to deliver value to my readers and did my best to be in front of them daily.

Top of mind ‘marketing’ is something everyone in this field can excel at. Sure it takes effort, but if you develop a plan and stick to it…You will grow!

And that’s all we really want…Growth. Because so many good things come from that….



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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