Training For Long Term Success On STEEM

I finished reading ‘The Excellence Dividend‘ about a week ago and there was a message that stuck with me…

“Great Networks => Significant Time Investment => No Shortcuts…”

Basically…The author Tom Peters stated in his book that to build great networks you need a significant investment of time to build them. And there are zero short cuts for this. No software to buy, no secret handshakes involved…Just getting in line, staying in line and adding value everywhere you go.

It holds so much truth for me because that’s exactly how I feel we find the most ‘success‘ here on STEEM.

I’m gearing up to release SteemSavvy within the next week and the DNA of the program, when you strip everything away, is to teach people to add value daily and spend the time to build their network the right way.

So much so that I have an entire lesson in SteemSavvy dedicated to this simple graphic…


Add Value -> Share STEEM -> Power Up!

Simple enough right? When I break this down, I get really excited because I feel that this is the perfect way to build your reputation and personal brand on STEEM.

Let’s take a look;

1. Add Value

This goes without saying and I think you’ll agree….Relationships and engagement is the be all and end all for STEEM. If you are not adding value every day in the form of comments, content, curation, or community…Well, you are missing the true wealth of opportunity that is here. So everything I will be teaching in SteemSavvy revolves around that simple truth…You must add value!

2. Sharing STEEM

We must become products of our product. And that means sharing STEEM in everything we do. Stop using Instagram, start using and sharing Steepshot or Appics. Medium is cool, Steemit and Steempress are better! Facebook steals your data…Busy protects it! By using the dApps on the blockchain and sharing the content we create on it, we are becoming evangelists for this project. And the more value we are adding, the more sharing takes place…

3. Power Up

If you believe in STEEM, powering up is a no brainer. Not only for the curation rewards but I love the mission some Steemians like @taskmaster4450 have talked about in the past…We need to have a goal to see all Steemians reach at least 100 Steem Power. I know I talk a lot about hitting 5000 SP in my 5-500-5000 plan, and that’s fine. But 100 Steem Power is a goal for all Steemians to put in their sights. Because the more Steem Power that is vested, the better for the blockchain…And if you are sharing STEEM everywhere and adding value daily, this happens for you..Automatically!

But you’ll notice this graphic…Is a big cycle!

Because each point feeds the next!

And as there is no end game for me here on STEEM, I want to continue to grow this platform for years and years to come. So the lesson in SteemSavvy starts with adding value…Which helps us develop a brand and a reputation for being a solid Steemian. That then feeds our desire to become a raving fan for STEEM and share it everywhere we go…The more we do of that, and continue to add value, the more we power up our accounts.

And repeat….

Sure…A lot of SteemSavvy will be teaching new Steemians about the dApps and getting familiar with all the terms and tools available for them here. But a big chunk of this training will be to onboard the right kind of Steemian….The one that has a long term vision to support and invest their time here on STEEM.

If we teach people about ALL the benefits of STEEM, not just the potential rewards, I think we all help build a blockchain that we can be proud of for years to come.

I hope you join us on our journey to bring STEEM to the world 🙂


We would love for you to get involved in the SteemSavvy project! Be sure to join our Discord server to see all the progress and network with awesome Steemians dedicated to STEEM’s long term success.


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