The Triple A Plan For Success [VIDEO]

I was reading a great book by Rich DeVos a few weeks ago and learned about his ‘three A’s for success‘. His book ‘Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People‘ lead me to learn about something he taught which is how action stems from the right attitude but it needs the right atmosphere to grow.

That got me thinking…A lot.

First off, I completely agree with his assessment. We always hear that action needs to be taken if we are to grow and become successful. However it starts way before we even take our first step.

You see, I’ve caught a lot of flack for saying this over the years but…When we fill our minds with garbage and junk, we cannot even begin to grow. For example, what are you planning on doing tonight?

Most people will watch the evening news, surf a few sites, check the latest gossip on Facebook and then sit in front of the TV and watch re-runs of Jerry Springer for an hour or two. That’s just in your own home…Now ask yourself who you associate with and what they will be doing or saying tonight as well…

If that’s your evening plans, that’s similar to what they will be doing as well. The atmosphere for growth isn’t there! You have to have the right environment for growth to take place.

Why not read a book? Watch a live training seminar? Write a blog post?

Do something that will nurture and help GROW the right attitude so that you start taking positive action steps.

Hey look! It’s your life and who am I to suggest how you spend your evenings…But if you aren’t happy with your current situation or online income…Take a good look at who you surround yourself with and what you do with your spare time…Huge clues are right in front of you.

Yes, we need to take action. Yes we need to develop the right attitude. But it all starts, in my opinion, with the atmosphere. With the environment you are in. And we can change it…Fill your mind with good stuff and watch how your life changes almost immediately.

Action, Attitude, Atmosphere….A solid plan for success!

Want to win a copy of Ten Powerful Phrases? Simply comment below and let me know what action steps you are doing every day that comes from the right attitude and atmosphere for growth!

13 thoughts to “The Triple A Plan For Success [VIDEO]”

  1. G’day Jon – long time no speak.
    Each day I make sure that I’ve written at least 500 words of my own content. (Much of this is being saved for my planned book) This is my first priority on a daily basis .

    1. Awesome man, great to hear form you sir! Thanks for the comments, that’s a really good action step for sure….Lemme know when your book is good to go, I’ll for sure buy a copy!

  2. Thanks for the great video and blog post about the 3 “A’s” Jon! I have a list of things I do everyday that gets checked off as I go. It includes a lot of small things but important. It is so awesome the like minded positive people that we surround ourselves with many who frequent the Plus 1 Daily chat room in Skype. What I have learned I teach to others, leading by example and taking action every day.

    1. Amen to that! Lead by example is so important. A lesson I’m ‘trying’ to master lol Not there yet….Still a work in progress.

  3. Your Attitude that you can do or accomplish something and the atmosphere that you allow to surround you (note the allow) Get rid of the dam nay sayers and dont be influenced by family will lead you into an action to start your success

  4. I enjoy that you share what you learn, Jon. One more reason to keep coming back to Plus1Daily. Here’s something most successful people say: things that can help you grow are simple to do, but not easy. Maybe that’s why most people don’t follow the Triple “A” plan as you called it.

    And for my daily actions, generally, I divide my working hours into 3 main work lots (or big activities) each day (I wonder where I heard of the 3 action steps each day for the first time, lol):

    1. My first roughly 3 hours are quite fixed. I work out when I wake up (sometimes combined with breathing exercises). That allows me to start my day in full force. Then I read or listen to materials that help me improve and grow at the personal level. Sometimes I comment or share, like I did today. And finally I do some small tasks on sites I have on my daily agenda (only the important tasks that need to be done and otherwise I may not find time later for them).

    2. I work to improve my site and do admin stuff for it for several hours (at least 4). This usually includes programming work, writing my blog posts, talking to people, answering support, setting up advertising, posting on social media. Being a one-man home business, I sometimes feel I’m too much all over the place, but that will probably change in the future.

    3. I take care of my freelancing workload for the day (that’s usually 1-3 hours). When the daily workload isn’t much, I do more of the previous two points.

    I take off the evenings and do something relaxing, but right before bed I set my schedule (action plan) for the next day.

    Of course, when life events happen, routine is broken.

    1. That’s awesome man. Thanks for that. Great break down of your day for sure. Thats something I dont do enough of, the scheduling of my hours.

  5. I don’t actually have what I would call an “action plan”, I just do what I can for my online ventures every day. I know, I need to work out an action plan for myself.

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