Trust Your Business Instincts

trust your instinct

Very often in business we will make decisions based on hard evidence such as numbers, cost analysis and profit margins.

If we want to buy something which will make our business run more smoothly then we look at how much the tool will cost to buy and run and compare those numbers with the expected increase in profits it will bring in.

When we advertise we look at the costs involved and will want to see a certain return on our advertising investment.

Numbers and hard data are invaluable to our businesses in helping ensure that the decisions we make are the right ones.

For example it is highly unlikely you would sell an product for $10 if it cost you $20 to produce. Sell enough of them and you would soon go out of business.

On the other hand you might sell a $20 product for $10 if the data showed that the customers you acquired would go on to buy more profitable items from you down the line.

There are times, however, when hard data is impossible to come by. Maybe you are trying something new or innovative or deciding on a strategy which is risky or where the rewards are far from certain.

This could include taking on a new business partner, investing a lot of money into expanding or taking a chance on a gap in the market that you have spotted.

These are all areas where the data you have gathered may, in itself, be insufficient or unclear. They are also all areas where you might have a gut feeling or instinct that one particular course of action may be better than another.

It could be that all you have to go on is the vague notion of “something is telling me that now is not the right time for this move,” or “I have a feeling that if I don’t act right now then I am going to regret it.”

At times like this then it is often better to trust your instinct and be guided by your gut feeling, unconscious mind, inner self, spirit guide, or whatever you want to call it.

Clearly it is no absolute guarantee of success but it is far better to go with your instinct than to ignore it only to say later: “I knew I should have done that when I had the chance.”


2 thoughts to “Trust Your Business Instincts”

  1. This is so true, so often! Your subconscious records everything while your conscious mind only notes select things. That ‘gut’ reaction is your subconscious telling you that you’ve missed something.

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