Try Something New…You’ll Get People Talking!

Trying new things! It’s always a scary thought…

We fear failure. We fear that people will point fingers at us. Maybe even laugh at our attempts. It’s scary to try new things.

But we need to embrace it!

I was reminded of that fact by this post I had hung up on my wall in my office…


I bought it a few years ago and read it every day to remind myself that when you try new things…You get people talking!

And that’s a good thing. Sure they may point their fingers and tell you that you will fail, but did you know the majority of those that point the fingers are in fact…Your competition!

If they aren’t your competition they could be people that don’t have the courage to step out of their comfort zoen like you do. They see you DOING new things and well…Feel like they need to pull you down so that they can have company in their pit of misery.

Don’t be like them!

Keep trying new things, keep experimenting and yes…FAILING!

That post’s quote is from Jeff Bezos of And if anyone has been talked about in the past decade plus it’s been him. Amazon has become such a massive player, not only online but now with offline retail. Think about that…He’s doing NEW things and it’s scaring his competition. Good for him and good for anyone that does..Do things their own way.

Yes, it’s scary to step out of the norm. It’s terrifying in fact. But then you start to grow. You start to see things differently and success starts to materialize!

So get out there…Try something new! And get ready for a lot of attention (negative and positive), a few pointing of the fingers as well but more importantly…Some massive results!

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