Turning Leads Into Loyal Customers

Everyone loves talking about leads! Especially in affiliate and email marketing. You’ve heard the countless speeches about;

“The money is in the list!”

“The fortune is in the follow up!”

That’s fine and dandy, but how do we take a lead and turn that person into a loyal customer for years to come. It’s actually a simple process but it doesn’t happen overnight. And it may need us to change the way we think about lead generation and email list building in the process.

I’ve worked in this industry for over a decade and the following ‘path‘ is what I have found to create a win-win environment for not only our own businesses, but our subscribers businesses as well.

Let’s dive in…

The Lead – First we need to attract the potential customer by figuring out who our target market is and essentially, where do they congregate! Do they spend time reading blogs? Checking out videos on YouTube? Scanning the trending topics on Twitter? Catching up with what’s going on in the world via Facebook? Maybe a popular online forum? To attract someone you have to first know who they are and where they are!

Value – This is the critical part to the ‘path’. Without adding value to our subscribers, they won’t be around long enough for us to make an impression. You must have the mentality that both you and your subscriber are in a relationship where you both ‘win’. Without them winning, there is no value or point to them being on your list in the first place. Value first, always!

Conversation – This is huge! Email marketing and list building are a push medium. Meaning, you PUSH your marketing messages, your business and or opinions to your lists. We need to flip it and PULL people back to us. This starts the conversation. Why not ask your lists for their feedback? Ask them what they would like to learn about? Do you have a blog you can point them to? What about following you on Twitter , Facebook or YouTube? We need to create conversations with our leads and this doesn’t happen when you just push your agenda to them.

Sale – The holy grail right? This is the climax to the lead generation process! Most email marketers stop here and put a feather in their cap and call it a day…Not so fast! Sure the sale is great but we are looking for loyalty. So to bring us further down the path, we know we must continue the relationship by communication value and stirring the conversations. Making a sale is easy but creating a lifetime loyal customer takes….Time and effort!

Loyalty – You’ve reached it now right? Nothing left to do…What is critical to this step is that you of course, continue to add value to your ‘leads’ each and every day. But take it a step further…Ask yourself how can I even do MORE for them? What can I do to show them I truly appreciate their business? Asking yourself this daily will ensure you add massive value to all your subscribers but also push you to turn a lead into loyal customers for years to come!

4 thoughts to “Turning Leads Into Loyal Customers”

  1. I use to opt in to people’s lead system.

    Then they would follow up with nonsense junk.

    Others would send out daily or every other day
    of Clickbank products to hustle commissions.

    Some of the things in Clickbank, the marketers
    could make some serious money, instead
    just pushing the Clickbank items itself

    End result. I opt out from their non sense.

    If a person has not invested into themselves
    for their own business website with their
    own top level domain, I certainly have
    no interest investing in them.

    Serious marketers has their own website.

    1. That’s a good point.

      The problem is most people just pump offers to their lists…Instead of trying to build the relationship though adding value and conversation.

      I would have unsubscribed too 🙂

  2. Jon, When you say the problem is most people just pump offers to their lists,

    I would have to say the problem starts with the guys that are teaching newbies to list build, because all they know is the pump and bump, one time offers for commissions and then call that building a business and then don’t get paid till they reach the minimum payout.

    1. That’s why when I teach about list building, one of the first lessons I talk about is the importance of sending an indoctrination email. To let readers know what to expect and help them become familiar with what I’m going to emailing about.

      But yeah, lots of people just teach to pump offers…Which doesn’t help anyone.

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