The Turtle Method [VIDEO]

I’m in love with internet marketing. Seriously, it’s been my passion and career going on 20 years and there is nothing more exciting then showing up to work everyday to see what we can accomplish and what challenges we can over come.

Part of a successful internet marketing career is launching products and developing services that your customers and subscribers enjoy and get a ton of value from for years to come.

Over the years there has been plenty that has been discussed about how to effectively launch a product to the industry, and this isn’t about HOW to launch and create an effective campaigns. Truth be told, there are a lot smarter people out there you can learn from and to be dead honest, the method I’m going to talk about today is well…..Boring.

Let’s first take a look at the standard product launch in internet marketing. it sort of looks like the diagram below. You have a launch with a lot of hype and hoopla. You are top of mind for a while and everyone wants a piece of your pie. Income is flowing, everything looks great…But then you plateau.

Then expenses start to sky rocket. Servers bills are through the roof and because you are not the talk of the town anymore, income starts to dip…

the product launch bell curve

At the end of this standard launch you have decreasing income and sky rocketing expenses….So most marketers just decide to…Launch something new. And the cycle repeats itself….Now let’s look at my boring method which I call the Turtle Method.

It’s annoying, it’s slow, it’s painful and it’s effective…

the turtle method

The key part to this method is the ‘steady’ aspect of it. The entire DNA of Plus 1 is built into this method and for good reason. Here’s the big one;

You are remaining ‘top of mind’ to your customers and subscribers because you are showing up every day. Consistently.

Here’s my thinking from years of launching new programs. If you are showing up every day, new product launches are a breeze because people KNOW you are there for the long haul. They KNOW you produce great stuff and it will stand the test of time. The steady approach cannot be misunderstood here…Yes, it’s boring. Yes it’s slow and doesn’t really sell the sizzle….But it works!

The next time you are thinking about launching a new program, think of the long term payoff of the Turtle Method. A slow and steady approach to business can never be beat. Take action and plus 1 today….And then get ready for the massive results!

5 thoughts to “The Turtle Method [VIDEO]”

  1. Awesome, Consistency is the key showing up all the time as you have been saying for years, building the brand, service whatever and then going the extra mile from time to time too, people recognise this but they never recognise the ones who do little to nothing.

  2. Great Video Jon! You have always taught this, and it’s the best way to build a business online! I feel that our industry has had so many launches of sites that opened and died it ruined the industry and might have helped cause some of the PayPal problem. Well, now the PayPal problem will help clean up the industry at least from these people. We should have more serious marketers open sites and Plus 1 daily.
    Have a nice day/evening.

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