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Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn [Book Review]

Part of the journey in personal development and success is learning from the greats! Jim Rohn is the favorite personal development guru of your favorite personal development guru. And even though he passed away a few years ago, his legacy and incredible teachings have stirred the imagination and inspired millions each and every day.

Twelve Pillars is a short novel he wrote with Chris Widener in 2005. It’s one of those success books that isn’t usually on the top of anyone’s must read list and after diving into it, I cannot understand why it’s not recommended more.

This thing is brilliant!

Twelve Pillars follows the adventures of ‘Michael’ as he learns the in’s and out’s of true success from Charlie, a maintenance man for the ultra-successful ‘Mr. Davis‘. Charlie bestows 12 life changing lessons onto Michael that challenge his personal beliefs on what it truly means to become a success and strive towards personal greatness.

It’s written in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend each message. These aren’t revelations that you haven’t heard before, but if you are familiar with Jim Rohn, you already know how he had a unique ability to bring his messages to life for his listeners and readers.

It’s Jim Rohn after all! Your guru’s favorite guru 🙂

I mean, the man is just a legend and I would argue that Twelve Pillars is his best written work that I’ve read so far. (I still need to read Leading An Inspired Life….That’s next!)

From lessons in relationships to proper use of time. Becoming a lifelong learner to leaving a legacy, ‘Charlie‘ takes Michael on an adventure in personal growth and even though it’s written in a story form, the messages are VERY loud and clear.

Again, one of the best Jim Rohn books I have ever read and I think this should start becoming a must read in everyone’s personal development library.

It’s a quick 100 page book that you can get through in a few hours, but it does have the potential to change your life forever!

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