Twitter List Explanation Part 2 (Plus A Neat Little Trick….Let’s blog our blogs??)


Hey guys you might of already noticed, but just wanted to update you I changed my account at Twitter a bit to be more in line with my current plans. It’s the same account just a different name. No need to refollow or anything, just didn’t want anyone confused. I still need to go into the exchanges and many other places to update this new link. But feel free to continue to tweet me at your hearts content.

Now on to our regularly scheduled blog 🙂

As many of you know I believe in sharing. I’m a big believer in all of us growing and being successful together. I’ve been asking many of you to give me your blog links and twitter so I can share with my audience. Well this might be a neat way for us all to benefit. I’ve had a blogging list for sometime and have utilized twitter lists for quite awhile in numerous ways. But while playing around on my last blog came up with this idea. I’m going to add one’s I already have shared to the list below. I’ve been quite busy, so if I haven’t added you yet I’m getting around to it. Or if you would like me to add your account just let me know here, on twitter, or via skype. 

Below you will notice my blogging list. At the time of this blog I had about five or six in there, but will be adding more soon. And what’s great about this list not only will it update with all of our new posts, it will also update with new users as I add them. Sweet Right?? And with one click you can see all the great bloggers in the list. 

Now this is just a general blog list. I can even create more “specialized” list in the future to cover specific types of blogs and so on. The potential for synergistic growth is almost limitless. If you are able to add this to your blogs or even better individual posts I believe it will really spur discussion amongst us all. And as we all get new readers will be quite a bit easier for them to join the community as a whole. This has always been my favorite uses of lists, and it’s very underutilized even by people who are aware and use the Twitter lists. 

If your interested in adding this to your blog I will be happy to help as I can. And again please let me know of your blogs and sites so I can review and add.

As always..

Thank you for your time!!

4 thoughts to “Twitter List Explanation Part 2 (Plus A Neat Little Trick….Let’s blog our blogs??)”

  1. Hey Rahul,

    I’m glad you liked it. And more importantly happy to add to your twitter knowledge. Learning as I go as well.

    Really appreciate the interaction.

    Hope your well.

  2. Thank you for this awesome post Presley! I have a blog on credits that I connect to an #Adlandpro forum an #EasyHits4U Splash Page. The “Kore4 Upside Downline Builder To Infinity!” post changes as new people join or members on the blog share how they are promoting it. I think I need to add a twitter link on the right side of the blog. I will work on doing that.

    1. First thank you so much for the comments you do Ken.

      Would be great to see it. I think if other’s do will really help with the synergy of getting some cross blog communication going. So many great blogs, with so few views. And even fewer people contributing. Imagine the ideas and partnerships that could come from this. Twitter I see as more of a connector, or highway to better places. Not the end all, or primary resource for said communication.

      Thanks again.

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