Using The Snowball Effect For Massive Success

In our last blog post we touched on what I call the ‘snowball effect’ for massive success. Essentially our aim as entrepreneurs is to strong small wins together than eventually start ‘snowballing’ into bigger wins.

The issue most people have with this advice is actually STARTING with one simple win.

The art of the start truly is something we can all use a helping hand with, so today I wanted to break down why it’s some important to start…No matter where you are in your business.

I’m reading a book by Brian Tracy called ‘Focal Point’ and in it he discusses this simple truth when it comes to building businesses and personal development…

“Action breeds results because the more you do, the more confident you become. And the more confident you become, the more things you will ‘try’…”

And that, is the snowball effect in practice.

You see how it feeds the beast per se. The rule is simple, if we wish to be confident in what we are doing in business, and get those small wins, we must take action daily. No matter what!

Even if it’s something as simple as writing your goals every day, practicing visualization, connecting with a new person on social media…Anything!

Action starts to snowball towards those wins which feeds our confidence to try new things. Another way of putting that is we keep on swinging!

Because the law of averages states that the more we swing, the more chances we will have to connect.

So taking all this into account, what are you doing daily?

Are you stepping up and taking a swing in your business? Are you sitting on the side lines waiting for the perfect opportunity?

Or are you creating your own future by stepping up and taking ACTIOn each and every day!

That’s how you put together small wins, which can snowball into the BIG ONES!

(Wanna see me mess up in a video but STILL publish it….Check it out below!! You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to BE!)

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