Using Steemitboard To Track Your Engagement & Rewards

About a month ago I added a brand new lesson inside of @SteemSavvy

The training centered around using @SteemitBoard to track and analyze your growth on STEEM…

Using two metrics provided by Steemitboard we could see how many upvotes we got plus what our average daily rewards were for being active on Steem.


You know what would suck?

…Suggesting a technique for you to try without testing it myself LOL

So for the past month I’ve been writing down both numbers everyday (I think I missed a day or two because of…No excuse, I sucked lol) and it’s been exactly one month since I started my little experiment…

Here’s my numbers over the past month….


(Excuse my handwriting…It’s bad I know…)

And today, as of April 12th 2019, I’m at…


Those are a lot of numbers, so I’ll break down each column and show why tracking your growth on STEEM is so important to your journey.

Upvotes – This was huge for me. I went from an average of 75 upvotes per post to 81. In a month I added 6 new Steemians upvoting me and diving into my content. This never went backwards…As you’ll see in the next column, those numbers varied but still rose over time…My daily upvotes grew throughout the month consistently.


I believe it’s because I follow without fail, on the principles of building a strong community with my readers. I will upvote them, I will always respond to them and sometimes throughout the week, I reward them with @SteembasicIncome units. This is the 5-500-5000 formula that is front and center within the @SteemSavvy training! Show up, everyday and engage with your audience. You cannot lose!

Rewards – This went up, it went down and sideways throughout the month….But at the end of it all, I raised my daily average rewards from 13.722 Steem Power to 14.485…Almost a full extra SP to add to my daily content rewards! Again, the numbers moved a lot because of the amount each upvote was worth. So while my upvotes in numbers stayed the same, the amount each upvote was worth varied.

This is awesome!

Because it shows people that when you create content of value and engage with your audience…Good things happen. I may not be getting the upvotes from the STEEM O.G.’s and their circle, but we’re building a strong community here with @SteemSavvy and the readers of this blog…Showing up everyday WORKS! Don’t ever second guess the importance of persistence!

I highly encourage you to start tracking these numbers that @SteemitBoard provides. By no means does it guarantee success but it’ll shine light on where you need to improve and how…It all comes down to engagement. So when you see those numbers dip, it tells you to get out there and TALK to more Steemians. Curate more content! Be more visible to your readers and the entire blockchain…


These are numbers that you can use! And it will help your Steem journey to see where you improve each day!

I hope this post was useful and you got some great value from it!


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