Why Visuals Are So Important To Online Sales [VIDEO]

I was reading my journal today and found some notes I wrote about the importance of using visuals to help sell your products and services online. This was important years ago when I wrote it down and it’s even more critical to your online sales process in 2016.

Let’s think about this…

People don’t buy products online, they buy pictures of products…You need to put quite a bit of emphasis on your visuals when coming up with a strong campaign.

Whether it’s you personal brand. An affiliate marketing product. An evergreen marketing tool. Or just a simple squeeze page…HOW you present your offer will have a huge impact on whether or not you get the desired result.

So we need to focus on 3 things;

1. Pictures / Images of the Product / Service
2. Videos of the Product / Service
3. Text and Ad Copy describing the Product / Service

Think about it. We don’t have the benefit of a physical store where potential clients can come and poke around. In fact, most of the products and services we do sell online are digital anyways. So with that, the IMAGE and visuals what ends up selling the product. That’s what people are essentially buying (with the value and benefits delivered after).

This is why it’s so important to spend effort and a budget on this. What’s really good to note, it doesn’t cost tens of thousands o dollars to put a good image out there. A quick trip to places like Fiverr can get you all the professional graphic designs you’ll need and you can do it for a small budget.

There is really no excuse for having a mediocre image online. We can use these visuals to help sell our products and services easier and cheaper than ever before.

Stop getting Cousin Ed to design our websites, blogs and sales pages using Microsoft Paint from 1997. Spice up your visuals and start getting better results today!

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  1. Great post Jon. I’ve just got Photoshop CC with the intention to learn a bit. I spent a lot of time on Youtube last night just to get something simple done. It would have been much easier I guess to outsource it to Fiverr or one of my contacts that I use for graphics, but I felt good that I figured it out in the end, probably hours longer than a professional would. BTW, Fiverr is awesome for anything and everything and there are some fantastic designers in our industry too that don’t charge very much and get the job done quickly.

    1. Oh completely agree…And the kicker is…No one uses it. I mean, the MAJORITY of the folks in the business don’t use it. So just by getting some basic work done there, you are way ahead of the crowd!

  2. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. So what, then, is a video worth? (hint: MUCH more!)

    We live in a visual world. Images are pushed at us from all directions, and to present everything from food and fashion to funny farting cats. If you are NOT using visuals in your marketing/advertising efforts, you are basically handing money to someone else that is. And they won’t even tell you thanks!

    It doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage on the house to get some good graphics designed. But if you don’t do it, you may need that loan to offset the lost income.

    Images SELL. It is so important that I am dedicating 60% of my initial advertising budget towards having flyers, print media graphics, mailers, storefront banners, postcards . . . (you get the idea) . . . designed BEFORE we open the doors. I want my potential consumers to KNOW what we offer, and do so in such a manner that sets us aside from any competitor.

    Today, just having static graphics on a web page may not be enough. You also need to explore using video (from which you can possibly pull graphics for other uses) as well. Here again, there are several options for doing this. You don’t have to ‘put your face’ in front of a camera, you can use programs such as Doodly (put a referral link in the comments Jon) to achieve the same end.

    Start off small if you want. BUT START! You are losing potential if you are not already using it.

    1. LOL Thank you sir, yeah I was thinking of putting a link in. I’ve been pushing that hard these past few weeks…Not too many people took us up on the emails….It’s an interesting case study because in other promotions we crush it…But when it comes to tools that could separate people using things like video….Not the results we hoped for

      It’s our fault though, we need to really stress the importance even more of being visual and ‘out in front’ of people long term…

      1. You either do what you need to or chase after those that are. Pretty simple.

        In all the years I have been around this aspect of internet marketing, there has never been more than a handful of people that ‘get it’ when it comes to taking the lead. Those that do, and make their presence known, reap the greatest rewards (and most are the ones still here today making things happen!).

        I commend you for continuing to offer assistance to others, even when the majority never pay heed.

        1. It’s all can control man, my effort, my attitude, my drive…Everything else is for others to decide what they want to do with the information provided.

  3. Outstanding point Jon.

    Simply with the point of our personal brand – many marketers just don’t seem to get it.
    People buy from People. If they can buy something from someone they know like and trust, they will.
    Sometimes I see an interesting product or service being advertised and think, ‘hmmm, looks interesting.’
    Then I look to see who is promoting it. When I see a white or grey blob, I simply move on. If it’s a product or service that I really really want, I will ask people in my marketing circle of friends if they have a link for it.
    My point? MAYBE if the person advertising it had a profile picture I would have considered getting it from them – simply because I saw it from them first (I do that sometimes).

    Then, as you say there are these outstanding pictures of products that sometimes make you want to get it just because of the picture. Especially with information products. You see a picture of a book or a CD cover with CDs next to it and your “mouth starts watering” simply because you SEE all that “stuff.”

    Thanks for that great “food for thought.” It always help me to evaluate what I’m doing and how to improve it.

    Great stuff!

    1. Yessir, thanks for the great comments. And yup, I agree….It’s a sales tool, without being a sales tool…If that makes any sense lol

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