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The Vortex of Doom & Other Plagues Of Internet Marketing

So you wanna be an internet marketer huh? Excited for all the potential that can be had in the internet marketing world! Can’t wait to roll up your sleeves and get to work right?

And then you run into something that looks like this…

internet marketing

I did a post a few years back about what I called the internet marketing vortex of doom. basically, it’s a vicious cycle of rinse and repeat ‘marketers’ that come online, try to make a million bucks in a month or less, give up and quit and then start blaming everyone and their mother for their failures. What’s worse, is that they stumble upon a brand new opportunity after a while and start the cycle all over again.

It’s nasty!

I’ve been working in the internet marketing industry for almost 2 decades now….Yeah I started around 1997-1998….And didn’t actually make my first ‘real income’ until about 2003. I’ll touch on that more in a second but what I’ve noticed in these past 19-20 years is that people come and go…Like clock work!

They get fired up, see a brand new opportunity and go all in on it. Only to give up a few months later because they didn’t strike it rich.

Something caught my eye recently while hanging out in Facebook and looking at some of my friends’ history. I don’t want to name names but these are people I know, have worked with and been in communication with for years. While checking out some of their profiles on Facebook, I’ve seen a few that have joined 2-4 new opportunities….A YEAR! They join a new opportunity, tell the world about it and get fired up…And then it seems to fizzle out and they stop talking about it….Time passes and BAM, a new opportunity arises. And guess what…The cycle repeats itself once again.

So it got me thinking…What if we focused on 2 things, and spent the majority of our time working on these two things each and every day for a year. Without fail. Without giving up. And certainly not blaming the world if you don’t make a million bucks in 30 days.

Here they are;

1. Spend Time Building Your Personal Brand
– Through blogs, videos, live streams, squeeze pages and social media, start promoting…YOU! Get people to know like and trust you, while building a great reputation as someone who provides value and not one that jumps from program to program.

2. Build You Mailing List Daily – Broken record right? But here’s the science behind why you need to build your list…As we have seen, programs come and go..But your list and the relationships you build with that list will last a lifetime. Isn’t it a better investment to spend your time building that list?

Now if we focus on those two things, daily, for an entire year…I am willing to GUARANTEE that your life and business will change for the good.

But the key to all this is…Plus 1 🙂 If you look at that graphic above, you’ll notice that the way to break out of the cycle is to do something different than what you did before. Stop ‘giving up’ and jumping from program to program. Start to spend time on your brand and lists then the universe will start to align itself.

I kid you not, this will CHANGE your life. Brand & List! That’s what we need to focus on daily!

4 thoughts to “The Vortex of Doom & Other Plagues Of Internet Marketing”

  1. I see it every day. People making posts on Facebook and Twitter promoting 5-6 TEs, a few autoresponders, toss in some safelists, and of course, the ‘latest and greatest’ money makers. They are so busy promoting everyone else’s business that they forget to promote themselves.

    And then they wonder ‘why’ they aren’t ‘getting rich’ doing it!

    Sure, I hear the ‘one day soon, I will (insert an action here) but I am waiting for the perfect time’. Meanwhile, they are slowly destroying any chances they might have had.

    Read what Jon has posted again. He is right, you know. Or, continue doing what you are and getting crappy results. The choice is always yours to make. Just be prepared for the consequences of making them.

  2. Hey there Jon, great post.

    Yep you are so right. I too see this all the Time.
    It saddens me to see so many people not realizing, That to
    make serious money online it takes Time, Patience and Perseverance.
    Another words – It takes some WORK and some $$ Investment.

    1. Thanks Monika, great to see you on the blog!

      Yup, completely agree. Time, Patience and Perseverance….A great combination!!!

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