Want To Reach Your Long Term Goals On Steemit? Blog, Buy & Build!

One of the best benefits of joining the STEEM blockchain and the Steemit platform has been discovering and meeting the amazing content creators!

I have to be honest…

Over the past decade plus I’ve lived and worked in a bubble. I did not reach out to different markets, audiences or networks because I thought everything was fine where I was. I was stubborn I suppose, because I felt like I was comfortable and didn’t ‘need’ anyone else..

How arrogant…

You live and learn though and once I discovered Steemit, my world opened up big time!

I mentioned on my 6th month anniversary post there are a few amazing Steemians I follow and learn from every time they post and I wanted to highlight two of them today…These two guys hammer home lessons each and every day that I think new Steemians can benefit from tremendously…

steemit success

First, one of the O.G.’s on the blockchain @exyle

He did a post a few days ago that I think people should play close attention to. Exyle has very similar skill sets to me. He’s familiar with the technical stuff but would never call himself a programmer or coder. So in his post he talked about the 2 ‘tools’ he uses to reach his goals…He focuses on what he can control and that’s his ability to ‘blog’ daily and to ‘buy’ STEEM when the price is right.

This falls right in line with my ‘formula’ for Steemit success which is 5 interactions, 500 followers and 5000 Steem Power. When I spend time on the blockchain and blog daily…I’m creating content that allows me to engage and interact with as many people as I can reach. Plus I’m commenting on other people’s blogs and upvoting them…I;m on track 🙂

Next though is…Buying. Something we don’t always like talking about on STEEM because this is a free platform right? Where we can make money from doing nothing?

The people that invest in themselves and this blockchain seem to always come out on top….So I would encourage people to set a goal for themselves and try to reach that level in Steem Power. Mine is 5000 by the end of 2018 and I’m very close to being on target. It will increase and get closer the more I blog but also buy Steem and power up!

steemit success

The next Steemian that I learn a ton from is @stackin

Stackin ‘builds’ his rep and brand on this platform better than anyone you will find. Simply because he knows that building relationships and engaging with others is the key to long term growth here.

One look at any post he regularly does and you’ll see..He responds to basically everyone who comments on his posts. He upvotes them as well. Plus he holds contests that encourages his followers to interact with him every day.

Huge nuggets from two remarkable Steemians on the platform that you can use right now to help build your brand and reputation on Steem!


Blog – Every day!

Buy – Steem & Power Up

Build – By engaging and interacting with your followers

Those are sure fire tips to help grow your blog and reputation on Steemit today!

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