We Need To Push Ourselves Every Day

push yourself

Some days when I sit down to write it can be a bit of a struggle.

I might know what I want to say but have trouble expressing my words exactly how I want to say them.

Or worse, I might not really know what to say at all and that is not a great feeling for a writer to have.

Plus 1 really comes into its own on days like this because it reminds us that we constantly need to push ourselves every single day.

We have just to be a little bit better than the day before and it means that we are not prepared to simply give up on a task just because it seems harder than we would like.

If I have to concentrate just that little bit harder so that I can communicate my ideas to you then that is what I have to do.

If you have days when you need to put in that extra bit of effort to get your work done then it is time to find those energy reserves and push on ahead.

Plus 1 is not about pushing on past the point of exhaustion or setting impossible challenges but it is about pushing ourselves every day…whether we feel like pushing ourselves or not.

Once we have decided to push on with things then they will become easier because we will now work at finding solutions rather than work at finding excuses.

So if a particular task is too hard for us right now then it might help to do something else first and return to it later in the day.

Maybe it might help to take an early lunch, go for a walk or do any suitable activity to clear our minds before coming back to the original task.

Push yourself every day and watch your little successes add up to big results.

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