Welcome To SteemSavvy – We’re Live!

After months of development…Hours of recorded training videos…And amazing feedback from the community…SteemSavvy is live!

Along with @blainjones we’re excited to announce that SteemSavvy is ready to rock and help bring STEEM to the world 🙂


What is SteemSavvy?

In a nutshell, it’s what a lot of us WISHED we had when we first joined STEEM. Yes, this blockchain is one of the most vibrant and active communities online but it’s confusing! And if we’re going to get better adoption and more use cases, things need to be ‘simple‘ for people.

“SteemSavvy is designed to help the new Steemian jump on board with confidence and grow every day in the blockchain.”

We have laid out this training site into bite sized chunks of information. Short, easy to understand lessons that attempt to make clear the often confusing side of the STEEM blockchain. Currently there are 4 modules in the training with multiple lessons in each designed to help members learn STEEM and grow their accounts every day.


(Example of the STEEM Basics module…Each lesson has to be completed before the user moves onto the next lesson. Drip-fed training has been a model I have used in my off-chain businesses for years and it helps keep users engaged and learning at their own pace)


(Another example of a training module…This is for the dApps of STEEM. Obviously, this will grow and new lessons will be added consistently.)

Why SteemSavvy?

Like I mentioned above, I created SteemSavvy because I remember how confusing this was when I first got started. I understood the potential of it and even read the white paper and blue paper numerous times…But heck, just trying to figure out what SteemPower was versus SBD was a challenge.

“So SteemSavvy is born out of a desire to help new Steemians become familiar with the blockchain without overwhelming them.”

Yes, there are tons of more in depth training services out there. And lots of really smart Steemians have created numerous articles about this blockchain and how to start creating on it…But I wanted to create something for ‘the rest of us‘….

The people that LOVE social media and the potential to network and grow our personal brands…But also those that are curious about crypto and the entire blockchain arena…But don’t have PHd’s in computer science.

And there’s a lot of us out there 🙂


(The ‘Savvy Cycle’…Which encourages members to add value every day, share STEEM everywhere they go and power up for the long term!)

Does It Cost Anything To Join?

Absolutely not! And here’s why there will never be a single charge ever at SteemSavvy. Because the information we present in the training is out there already. If people wanna find it, they can. Plus I believe that having a platform like SteemSavvy that encourages Steemians to grow in the blockchain long term, we end up ALL winning in the future.

I love STEEM!

Like it’s a borderline obsession….(Ask the people closet to me lol)

And I haven’t felt more passionately about any project I’ve been involved in for years…So this is my way to add value. Even if it doesn’t become a massive success, if we can help just a handful of Steemians grow on this platform…It’s a win!

So How Do You Plan To Keep People Learning?

Not only is the site broken up into easy to follow lessons that people can complete in a few minutes each, it encourages ACTION!

Not just reading or watching a lesson, but we encourage people to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We encourage building relationships within the vibrant communities that populate STEEM already! And learning by doing is how we retain most information out there, so this plays a big part in SteemSavvy…

I believe that this is not a ‘spectator sport’, but that STEEM is a contact sport! Meaning we need to do the work. Make the contacts. Create the relationships…Not just sit on the sidelines and expect the world to cater to us. SteemSavvy focuses BIG time on relationships!

We also have some gamification elements that should keep people engaged and excited to be on their journey…


Yup, badges!

And while badges are nothing new on this platform or online for that matter, we think when people ACHIEVE certain rewards for taking action daily..It’s get them into the habit of continuous learning and of course, adding value to STEEM!

And that’s what all this really comes down to…

Training new Steemians to add value and grow their accounts on the blockchain!

So What Happens Next?

I would LOVE for you to join SteemSavvy! And after you do, poke around and see the content we’ve created so far. After that, I would love to welcome you to our Discord and hear your feedback on what you like, what you didn’t and what you think we can improve upon with SteemSavvy!

And here’s my plan going forward…

We’re gearing up for more adoption here on STEEM. The projects that are being created here are amazing…From SteemMonsters to Partiko and everything in between…People WILL start paying attention to STEEM.

I will be waving the STEEM flag in niches that are very familiar including but not limited to my social media networks, mailing lists and off-chain businesses. I’m going all in on this stuff…And will be talking about STEEM everywhere I can and everywhere I go.

So with that…Enough talking…Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work…!!

I’m excited for SteemSavvy’s future and look forward to hearing from you and any ideas that you may have to help current and future Steemians grow on this blockchain!



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