Well Done To ALL Season Four CTP Teams Players

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourIf you forgive me for beating the TimTech drum in today’s post, I would say that CTP Teams Season Four is turning out to be something of a Plus 1.

I could claim it as a Plus 1 for TimTech but that would be quite wrong of me.

CTP Teams Season Four is a Plus 1 for everyone who is taking part in the contest.

No longer do three or four teams dominate in CTP Teams and there is now no single team that can lay claim to the top spot.

We designed a series of challenges which would allow teams to do well when all the players worked together as a team.

What we did not know was how successful that formula would be and the success is down to the players and teams taking part.

CTP Teams is a game but it is far more than just a game. What players learn from taking part can directly be translated into their work online.

If you are taking part in CTP Teams this season then you have earned a huge Plus 1 already.

If you are taking part and the experience has added to your business skills and helped you make new friends/contacts along the way then you have also picked up a bonus Plus 1.

Well done to all concerned.

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