What Can You Control….Focus On That!

The past week has taught me a lot about my journey here on Steem…In a nutshell, what I think or feel has absolutely zero impact on how this blockchain operates. It’s kind of like the weather…I might HATE that it’s going to rain tomorrow. But no matter how much I swear and cuss at the clouds, it’s still going to rain.

So the soft fork happened. Tron became a huge stake holder in the blockchain. People debated and argued…At the end of the day, what we said or didn’t say, had zero impact!

This is what it taught me….

I can focus on what I can control.

So for me….It’s simple. My businesses game plan is to highlight the importance of content creation. It’s to create content daily. And encourage my community to do the same.

That’s what I can control.

And when you ‘give up’ trying to control what you can’t, life really opens up for ya’!

I’m refreshed. I am not too concerned about what happens tomorrow on the blockchain….I’m controlling my actions, my attitude and my impact on my community.

You see, ClickTrackProfit is much more than just a training platform for affiliate marketers. It’s about personal growth in every sense of the term.

We are dreamers. Entrepreneurs that KNOW we must take action every day to see the results we desire. We know how important it is for us to be around like minded people. And to learn something new each and every day of our journey….

And up to this point, STEEM has been the perfect place to do this.

Nothing had changed.

Even with all the news, gossip, scandal and drama over the past few weeks…

We show up everyday, and try to be better at sunset than we were at sunrise. That’s what we can control…Our efforts here. Each and everyday!

I encourage all affiliate marketers and Steem creators to do the same. Look at the effort you are putting in to your journey here and let the cards fall where they may. You can control who you decide to engage with. You can also control the effort you put into developing your content. Heck, you can even control who you upvote or not…

We can control a lot in our own communities.

Let’s focus on that going forward…Because Steem has been and always will be…About the people!



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