What Happens When You Follow A Plan For 365 Days…

We talk a lot about planning for the future in crypto…

I discovered STEEM on December 7th, 2017 and on January 1st 2018…I designed what would be my ‘path’ here on STEEM over the next 12 months.

The concept was pretty straight forward. I would interact with 5 people a day, every day. I would also work to reach 500 followers and FRIENDS here on the blockchain. But the last goal would be tricky in my ‘formula’. I was aiming for 5000 Steem Power by the end of 2018.

5 500 5000 formula

You have to remember, when I wrote down my 5-500-5000 formula STEEM was between $3-5 each…So hitting 5000 Steem Power looked like a lofty goal. Regardless, I decided this would be my target to reach ‘Dolphin’ status by the end of the year and even if I didn’t hit 5000 Steem Power…I would be much closer by following the game plan of 5-500-5000…

I wrote these goals down, and created content almost every single day throughout this year…

(Via @steemitboard)

369 posts in a little over a year of being on the blockchain…Plus combine that with over 4400 ‘comments’ or engagements over the year….And you see how this formula actually worked.

So here’s my results, of the 5-500-5000 formula I talked about in the new year and throughout the SteemSavvy training.

5 Interactions A Day – I pushed myself here. If you do the math, I did closer to 12 comments or engagements every day for a year. I believe this is the power of showing up every day and actually caring about your fellow Steemians journey. I tried different techniques throughout the year as well, like the ‘Introduce Yourself’ technique I discussed a few months ago. The point being, the lifeblood of STEEM and building your account here is the daily engagements!

500 Followers – I blew past this goal around mid April. And while it’s slowed down quite a bit, I still get a steady stream of new followers. Currently I’m sitting at 1731 amazing Steemians 🙂 And I think this is because I engage a ton on STEEM but also incentivize people for commenting on my posts. I use @steembasicincome a lot and reward my followers but more importantly…I ALWAYS respond to their comments and upvote them! If you want to build your following, let them know you appreciate them!

5000 Steem Power – This one was a blessing in disguise from the tumbling crypto prices. If STEEM was still around 5 bucks each, there is no way I would have hit this goal. But here I am…Over 9000 Steem Power on December 31st, 2017!!! Wow. So yeah, as much as we would love to see STEEM moon shot, I’m very grateful that I was able to accumulate this much Steem Power over the year. And I didn’t do this by just…Buying my way in, even though I dollar cost averaged my purchases…

Over 4200 Steem Power was earned from my content!!

This is awesome 🙂

So it all added up….

My engagements daily helped grow my following, which in turn helped me generate Steem Power from creating daily.

Not a bad 2018 at all 🙂

Of course, like I mentioned, this was helped a ton by the fact STEEM became extremely affordable. And it didn’t matter to me that the rest of the crypto world was freaking out about shrinking prices and market cap…I saw and continue to see the VALUE in STEEM! I saw it at all time highs, so I most definitely see it right now at 27 cents….

That had to be my biggest lesson of the past 365 days…Stop looking at the price and start looking at what’s around you.

And that I see is a vibrant community, amazing development, and a passionate fanbase that is destined for great things.

Here’s what my goals were on the left and where I ended up on the right…


So I will continue to spread the 5-500-5000 formula for all new Steemians…Because this WORKS! And works so well…As for my goals for 2019….

…That’s for my next post 😉

THANK YOU for being a part of my journey and adding so much value to the blockchain….Have an amazing new year and all the best in 2019!



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