What Is Steem Engine And Why Am I On Cloud 9?

December 2017…The month I joined the STEEM blockchain…

When I joined, I did something a lot of people may not have….I downloaded the White Paper and Bluepaper from And discovered another ‘paper‘ while I was poking around…

The SMT White Paper!

This concept intrigued me! The idea that an entrepreneur like myself, could set up his or her own token and have it work within the STEEM blockchain was…Too good to be true!

I was gonna stick SMT’s everywhere….

– On my membership site!
– In my marketing forum!
– Give them away in contests!

It was going to be great…

I don’t think I would have been so hooked on STEEM if it wasn’t for the SMT concept and excitement surrounding them.

Fast forward to February 2019 and SMT’s are still a pipe dream it seems. No word of any development from Steemit Inc on that front and it left so many Steemians with a bitter taste in our mouth.

And then I see this post from @exyle last week!

He is raving about something co-created by the @SteemMonsters team and a Steemian named @harpagon that brought me back to December 2017…


Say what!!!!????

O.k. now here is where I ATTEMPT to explain what’s going on…

Instead of waiting for Steemit Inc to come up with SMT’s…A few entrepreneurs decided to by-pass the waiting game and develop their own version of SMT’s.

This is Steem Engine! A smart contract on the STEEM blockchain.

And this is where I bow out to the more experienced and smarter Steemians…They will be able to explain to you all that smart contract stuff and Ethereum ideas…

For the rest of us…We can now create our own tokens via Steem Engine (the smart contract) and have them interact within the Steem blockchain.

Yes, there are concerned Steemians still wanting the official SMT from Steemit Inc, but right now I’m on cloud 9 because….


HUGE congrats and bravo goes out to @yabapmatt @aggroed (The Steem Monsters team) and @harpagon

This is HUGE for the blockchain!

So big in fact, with the 7th token created via Steem Engine, I’d like to introduce you to:

savvy token

The Steem Savvy Token 🙂

Yup, SteemSavvy will have it’s own token and reward it’s members for going through the training, completing modules and being an active member of the site!

This is what I wanted to do with SMT’s when I first thought up Steem Savvy and understood what could be done on this blockchain…And now that’s a reality!

So what…Unless there is value there no one will care about these tokens…

That’s what a lot of people will be saying about this project…There is already plans to make an in-house market paired to STEEM which will determine the value and if that wasn’t enough….The FreedomEx exchange will be launching very soon as well.

What’s that???

An exchange based on selling and trading STEEM based tokens…Originally designed for SMT’s but pretty sure, they will be on board with Steem Engine!

Folks….It’s about to get a LOT more exciting here on the blockchain!

If you thought I loved Steem last week…Oh boy!


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