What Is The Point Of Plus 1?

Plus 1 Success

An obvious question to ask when we are told something new is to ask “Why?”

We all know how curious young children are and they seem to have an endless capacity for “Why?” questions.

So when we talk about the concept of Plus 1 then it is only natural to ask ourselves why one is the magic number here.

Why is it not two, 10 or 20 for example?

The answer is that we have to set ourselves manageable tasks otherwise we run the risk of becoming overwhelmed at just how much we have to do.For most people setting ourselves a goal of making one meaning improvement on a daily basis is something which takes effort but which is a goal we can achieve.

If we fall behind then it is relatively easy to catch up and quickly get back on track. This is important because when we begin to fall behind with something it has a demoralizing effect on us and it is all too easy just to give up at that point.

Sometimes motivation can be hard to come by and we don’t really want to give ourselves reasons to give up which is why we have the concept of Plus 1 rather than Plus 2, Plus 10 or Plus 20.

Plus 1 Daily makes sense and the cumulative effects can be amazing. Now that you know the “Why?” behind the concept it is up to you to provide the “How” and find ways to ensure that you follow the Plus 1 Success philosophy every single day.

10 thoughts to “What Is The Point Of Plus 1?”

  1. I understand the concept, and to a point, agree to it. However, I think if you have time to +2 or more, go ahead and do it, if not, stop at +1.

    1. The point being….To always improve.

      Most people don’t even start at 1….So the habits formed in the ebook and the concept, create good habits…To progress.

  2. Very well said Patrick!

    For some of us, making one tiny step forward takes a monumental effort depending on our circumstances.
    Some of us simply have trouble with motivation and action taking – I see that with my English students all the time.

    The concept of manageable goals is an outstanding one because it sets us up for success and not for failure because we made this huge list of things that “we have to accomplish or we have failed.”

    Thank you TimTech for keeping me motivated!

  3. I follow the +1 daily because it is doable every day. I do the same with my calendar–on super busy days I just think of the task I’m on, not the fifteen yet to come. To focus on all 16 is to focus on nothing really and to have a nervous breakdown 🙂 Just one bite/task/new thing at a time. It really adds up and sur beats getting bogged down with grand plans while never actually DOING anything.

    1. Yes ma’am!!!! That’ s exactly it. We can plan and plan and plan….Until we actually put it into action, it wont matter the plans.

  4. Quantify it +1 for 365 days put you way ahead of the curve. We all have a definition of what success is to us. Keeping that mentality is where it is at. Little steps, long term commitment equals long term growth and success.

    1. Indeed, long term commitment is where most people fail. We will never know how many could have been successful if they had just stuck it out one more day, week, month…well, there’s another +1. When it feels like time to give up, give it just one more day and do just one more thing.

  5. If you read around, just about every successful person mentions the same thing, maybe using different words. And it’s the cumulative effect of that plus one every day that results in huge impact. I just listen to Brian Johnson talk about in in a review of a book . If you write a page a day. In one year you have a pretty good sized book.

    Appreciate the inspiration.


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