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What Seth Godin Taught Me About STEEM…(On Page 11)

You can tell I’m back into ‘reading mode‘ because I’ve done two @dtube book reviews in the past few weeks!

Yup that’s right, maybe it’s the time of the year but I ALWAYS seem to go deep into my books around the holiday season…

And I recently picked up this gem from one of my favorite authors of all time – Seth Godin!

this is marketing

I’ll be sure to do a book review on this later this week (if I finish the book that is lol) because it’s not often Seth releases a new book. And when he does…It captivates me.

‘Purple Cow’ is my all time favorite marketing book and what’s unique about Seth is he evolves with the market. He was talking up social media before anyone else even knew what Facebook was…And it’s only a matter of time before he jumps into…Steem??? Come on Seth, you’ll love it here 😉

Anyways right at the beginning of this book (page 11 to be exact) was something that resonated with me immediately. On top of that, I saw the parallels between his example and our beloved blockchain…

this is marketing

Marketing in….5 simple steps!

Oh no, look out…Here comes Mr. Jon G. ‘Marketer’…Talking about…Marketing STEEM!

But let’s unpack each of these and see how this goes hand in hand with the STEEM blockchain and potential solutions to see it grow and prosper….Organically!

Step 1 – Invent Something Worth Making AND with a story worth telling…

Wow, does this ever describe STEEM. It’s part blockchain, part social media and ALL parts awesome! I believe we have the best blockchain online and think the rest of the world needs to hear our story.

Step 2 – Design it so a few people care about it and want to see it grow…

Early adopters anyone? And that’s what we are….It’s obvious that after the bear markets of 2018 only the DEDICATED and passionate are still here. And that’s a good thing in my opinion. We will lead the charge and spread the word about this amazing platform.

Step 3 – The story must align with the smallest possible market…

If we want adoption WE must believe in our story. Because we will be the champions of STEEM. This is why most remarkable projects in history started out small with a core group of passionate fans / users…That’s us! And the story aligns with each of our warped / crypto fanboy mindsets lol We believe in decentralization and the potential that STEEM provides!

Step 4 – Spread. The. Word!

Like ‘Pomp’ (Anthony Pompliano) on Twitter always says…The virus is spreading! I use @dtube instead of YouTube. I prefer over Facebook. Find me on @steepshot and @appics WAY before Instagram! @steempress light years before Medium! I’m spreading the word about STEEM by my daily actions and USING these apps. And so are you…Big time 🙂

Step 5 – Show Up. Everyday! Deliver Value!

It doesn’t take guts to show up to STEEM when it’s 5 bucks a pop! If you are reading this in December 2018…YOU are part of the community that will decide the future of STEEM. And there is no guarantee! That’s why you deserve all th credit in the world. We’ve seen plenty of ‘passionate’ people come and go over 2017…Let’s see who shows up and helps build STEEM even more in 2019…

I’ve maintained over the years in business that marketing a product or services that you believe in…Is effortless.

Not that it doesn’t take work. Or require sacrifice…

But effortless because it’s natural! I can talk about all the amazing things on STEEM and develop programs like SteemSavvy because I believe in this blockchain, it’s community nd it’s life changing potential.

And I’m sure that’s the same for all of us…

So while marketing is always talked about as something needed to bring more people to STEEM, I would argue…We have everything and everybody we need right here. Right now!

We just need to share the story of this community and continue to use (and support) the applications being developed here…

We’ve got the best of both worlds, blockchain and social media…Don’t worry, the rest of the world will notice…When we become the champions of this blockchain every single day.

(Inside joke: I’m going to make @bigtom13 very happy with this post…)


Ready to meet and greet other members of STEEM that make this community so special…Catch us in Austin, Texas this coming April…

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