What Steem Is…And What It Is Not!

Crypto Twitter!

If you have not yet experienced the Bitcoin Maximalists vs. the Altcoin Crusaders, you don’t know what you are missing…

Since I got my start in this fascinating niche, Twitter has been the go to resource for all things crypto.

Whether it’s finding out the latest news on Bitcoin adoption, or just watching people slam each other’s preferred coin of choice…It’s always an adventure.

Today though….I saw what ‘Crypto Twitter’ had to offer when it came to the general opinion of what Steem is…And what it is not!


That’s Kevin. He’s kind of a big deal in crypto circles….

Obviously, not a fan of Steem(it)…But I think it had more to do with Steem’s public opinion rather than fact!

That’s the ‘bad’ news…We have a lot of work when it comes to educating the masses on what Steem is and what it is not (Steemit).

Thankfully, we have awesome sauce Steemians on top of it…

Big shout out to @whatsup for the facts and nothing but the facts…

I have spent the better part of a month working hand in hand with the EXACT kind of ‘crypto noob’ Whatsup is describing…These are the people who don’t know about crypto or are afraid of it because of misinformation….Steem is their first entry into anything blockchain related and this is one of our greatest strengths.

Our actual USE CASES! People getting their hands dirty and actually using the stuff everyday!

After that fun little exchange on crypto Twitter, I then saw what @TheyCallMeDan tweeted…

Just look at that…

Seriously, take a step back and without any biased opinion just look at those facts!

– Amazing rating from CoinMarketCap
– Top 10 blockchain ranked by China
– Top 5 in Blocktivity

But some how…

Steem continues to get disrespected on Twitter…And never seems to catch a break when it comes down to price.

I truly believe this all points back to ignorance on what Steem is and what it is not.

So I look at these ‘Tweets’ above…

And I know we’ve got some amazing people here, working hard to bring awareness to the blockchain. And that is what keeps me SO hopeful about Steem’s future.

You simply cannot ignore the people here, because regardless of what Steem is trading at, it’s always got REAL users and REAL community…Interacting every single day. Since 2016…

That to me is our greatest strength…Forget about the price, the world will catch on soon. And when they do, they will remember the Steemians who stuck with this place and continue to add value to it.

As I approach my 2nd year here on Steem…I’m as bullish as ever 🙂



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