What’s Your Excuse In 2017? [VIDEO]

Disclaimer: Not sure how thrilled I am with the embed code of Crowdcast but this was such a great talk and discussion, I didn’t want to lose it.

Today was a fun day at Plus 1 Daily’s live show (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 4pm eastern).

We talked about building an emailing list and how important it is. And while that’s not something ‘new’ that we discuss here at Plus 1…The main point I was trying to get across was that…

99% of the people in online business are wasting their time because they are not building a mailing list.

I think that statement might make folks feel a little uncomfortable and while I’m not trying to piss anyone off, I am trying to stir the pot.

And I’ve heard excuse after excuse for years about WHY people aren’t ready to start building a list, I thought I would go over why you NEED to start today.

No more excuses!

We need to make BIG changes if we want to have a successful 2017 and I truly believe, building a mailing list is the key. I touched on some don’s and don’t for email marketing and also my own ‘case studies’ on how I changed my entire career, once I started to practice building a list.

Watch the video, and then let me hear your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you think about this topic…

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2 thoughts to “What’s Your Excuse In 2017? [VIDEO]”

  1. Man o Man , Great show and more than needed. I can not tell people enough the power of building a list. I am a nobody. As much as you say you are not a guru I am even further below that. I am constantly learning, refining testing and coming up with my own method. The truest asset I have is my list. y first few years I struggled, I started building my list and things went from night to day. I put effort into my headlines my ad copy. I learned it doesnt always have to be pretty, humor counts in moderation, dont fret over what you write, be yourself. Be the change you want to be. You are not alone in this fight I will stand on the mountain with you. It really matters. Its not the size of your list but what you do with it. I am 2 years into list building, the last 8 months I have focused my attention to it and the content I am providing.

    You dont need to be a program owner, a video producer, a design artisit….Just be you

    1. Thanks man. However I dont agree with you lol ‘I am a nobody’ is bull. Sorry dude, you are one of the leaders by example in this business. I know that’s just humor but I wanna let you know….If I could ‘bottle’ Tim Hanson marketing savvy, and sell it to this business…….I’d be wealthy LOL

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