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What’s Old Is New Again! The Return Of Net Marketing Forum

It’s been a whirlwind week for me and a few of my websites! I’ve been absolutely taken by the re-launch of my pride and joy from so many years ago – Net Marketing Forum

I lovingly called this hub the internet’s second most famous marketing forum in it’s glory days around 2003-2010. Back then, other than the world famous Warrior Forum, NMF (as we called it) was a thriving community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Times changed, focuses shifted and after a database error, we decided to shut down the forum around 2010 or so. I was kind of heart broken, simply because of all the awesome people I met and worked with as a direct result of being active in NMF daily.

Last month, I had an itch. And the itch go so strong that in the middle of last week we took the plunge and decided to re-launch Net Marketing Forum!

Wow! What a blast it’s been so far!

It’s funny because some folks may say “It’s 2017, why on earth are you trying to build up a forum again?

Which brought me to seeing this amazing video on Twitter today…

Every day!

Meet one new person. Work with that one new person. Network with that one new person…

And I can think of no better place to do that than a forum and specifically…NMF!

I hope you can join and swing by when you get a chance today or tomorrow 🙂 This olace thrives on active members networking and building amazing relationships together.

There is a reason we brought this back online, and it’s because we want to meet, grow and network with YOU!

It may be 2017, and we may be more concerned about our Twitter feeds or Facebook statues…However a thriving community of like minded people will always be in style!

16 thoughts to “What’s Old Is New Again! The Return Of Net Marketing Forum”

  1. Jon,

    I believe I was the last person to start
    a topic in the forum which generated
    over 1,000 views in three ( 3 ) days
    with a mass attack to my post.

    Then you closed the forum 🙂

      1. I don’t know Jon,

        I recall back when I joined at JB site,
        I made a comment in chat and it triggered Richard and few other operators.

        Seems that a lot people in the TE biz gets triggered quite easy.

          1. Don’t know if I want to deal with the chaos Jon.

            Why do you need other site owners permission to see my point of view?

            I’m certainly not going to disclose my game plan and not going to be bullied to defend myself.

            1. What permission? Not sure what you are talking about.

              I’m inviting you to join the forum, don’t read too much into it other than a good gesture lol

              1. Hey Jon,

                I’m puzzled, are you losing the Midas touch?

                The body count is sitting only at 109

                I tell you what, if you can get one more, that would
                be body count 110

                Then I might register to be 111 🙂

                1. Havent emailed for it yet, just word of mouth and a few blog posts.

                  And that’s how I grew NMF the first time. Slow and steady.

                  No one is RUSHING to join forums in 2017. So I need to build it up and make people want to join.

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