What’s The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned In The Past 2 Years…

Yesterday marked my 2 year anniversary on Steem…

When I hit certain milestones on the blockchain, I start looking at stats, numbers and of course….Steemitboard!

Yeah I’m a huge fan of @Steemitboard and it’s creator @Arcange

For a few reasons but mainly this site gives me two of the more intriguing metrics I use to ‘judge‘ how well I’m doing with my Steem journey…


Average Upvotes Per Post


And Average Post Rewards (Steem Power)

These two numbers is what I’ve been monitoring every week since I got on the blockchain. It shows me the power of constant engagement and creation on Steem. And cements my belief in this simple truth…

And arguably the most important lesson I’ve learned since I’ve found this community…

You have to show up, daily, to make a real impact!

In everything in life really, but even more so when it comes to community based platforms like Steem.

Here’s what I mean….

A quick screen shot of a few extra numbers that Steemitboard provides shows you….The power of daily engagement.


There’s something to note…

I’ve created 709 posts (this one will be 710) since I joined Steem. That means 20 days missed in 730 days on the blockchain….

It’s not perfect but I’ve made a commitment to show up, and create!

But there’s a more important number to note ….


Now while I admit, I don’t do as much engagement as I should that’s still something that shows me…The more I engage, the more those other two numbers above start to rise…

12 comments a day!

This is the number I want to see increase….Everyday. And I believe this is the one metric we should focus on more than any others.

Not the price. Not the rewards. Upvotes are a bonus. Curation is cool. Comments are appreciated….

But what are YOU contributing to the blockchain via engagement. That’s the key to all this stuff, and the metric that determines your future growth on Steem.

I encourage you, stick to that metric and focus on engaging through comments as much as you can.

And hey Jongo….Start taking your own advice too and keep commenting 🙂



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