When 30% Of ‘You’….Make Up Excuses For The Remaining 70%!

I’ve been going back to school recently…Doing some online college courses to get a little bit more…Savvy….When it comes to business and online entrepreneurship…

In a recent lecture, one of the professors stated something that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind…And of course, I would love to share it with you 😉

They stated…

30% of our ‘ceiling’ is genetic potential!

So as much as I would love to play in the NBA…I’m not tall enough or athletic enough.

It’s genetics.

There is nothing I can do to control that. As much as I would pray, work on my jump shot, eat right, whatever…I am not genetically able to play professional basketball.

Sad right? You don’t know how much I would love to dunk on Lebron James….

What’s worse…Is when we take those things we have NO control over and let it dictate the remaining 70% of our potential….

Which funny enough….Is under our control.

What we learn, what we read…How much we practice and put in effort towards our goals. The time invested into our dreams….Energy…Strategies.

All these things are what we can control when it comes to our potential.

The professor went on to state, that 40% of our behavior is all habits as well. Which means, almost half of what we do, act and say comes directly from our daily habits. Imagine that….

We live in a world where that 30% that we cannot control, ends up taking charge of our lives. It’s crazy to think that this attitude we develop ends up hurting our true potential by forming nasty little habits that determine how we live our lives day to day.

Hey look, I’m not saying people don’t go through rough patches…Heck I’ve been on quite the bumpy ride myself these past few years…But when we focus on what we CAN control, I truly believe that this will get our mindset and attitude focused on…Winning!

One of my favorite authors of all time, John C. Maxwell talks about ‘lifting your lid‘ when it comes to potential. Meaning we set ourselves up for a certain level of achievement because of self-talk and other factors that control how we think of ourselves…We cannot get ‘past the lid’ that we’ve placed on top of ourselves. To grow, we need to raise the lid!

Well this lecture taught me, there is so much that we can control and we need to focus on that!

How does this translate into Steem and our journeys here?

Can you control the price of this crypto? Nope! Don’t even bother.

Can you control whether or not someone up votes you? Not in the slightest.

But you can…

– Show up everyday!

– Deliver value to your followers

– Engage with people everyday

– Form the habit of self-education

– Network with the right people

These are the things that matter! These are the things that you can control…

Food for thought as you start the work week…We can sit around and complain about we won’t have or may never get. Or we can focus on the opportunities in front of us and get fired up for this very bright future.


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