When Easy Becomes Hard

hard and easy

We all have the potential within us to make simple tasks hard and we can get very good at it if we are not careful.

There are many ways of making easy tasks hard and these are some of the most common methods:

  • taking something really simple and over complicating it.
  • not realizing when a task is finished and adding more and more unnecessary things to it.
  • overthinking what we need to do.
  • putting things off until the last moment
  • letting distractions get in the way of our work
  • trying to do too many different things at the same time

As you look at the above list of bullet points you may see that some of them apply to you. I know I have been guilty of every one of them at some point or other and often more than just the once.

When Jon wrote the Plus 1 Success book he included the following sentence: “This is EASY TO DO, yet most won’t follow through.”

Sadly he is quite right in saying this. Although the Plus 1 concept of pushing yourself to do a little bit better every day is easy, many people won’t do it at all or will quit within weeks or even days.

I think that over complicating easy tasks is one of the reasons why people give in and dismiss what is easy as being too hard for them.

If other people do this then it is a shame but, ultimately, it will not have any real impact on your life. It only becomes a shame if you don’t follow through.

Keep making small successes every day, claim each tiny victory on your road to success and don’t make simple tasks hard.

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