When Is The Best Time To Post Your Content?

Part of the struggle with developing a strong content marketing strategy is finding the right time to post content…

That doesn’t even begin to look into other factors like…

– Which platform should I use and what time works best for it?
– What day of the week seems to generate the most engagement?
– If I send email, which day of the week gets the most open rates?

And we’re just scratching the surface…

I’m going to go against conventional wisdom here and look at content creation from a different angle.

Sure, you can track and analyze until you are blue in the face. And I’m sure after hours of study and careful analysis you have determined that Tuesday at 2pm eastern is the BEST time to press publish on your new blog post…

However, let’s look at the big picture when it comes to content creation.

In affiliate marketing, I look at content creation on three fronts;

1. Value and useful content for my readers…Am I delivering?

2. Staying top of mind, making sure they know I’m still here everyday…Delivering 🙂

3. Creating a portfolio and track record of content that people could stumble upon down the road.

Oh boy, that last one is gold…And unfortunate for the number nerds…Determining the ROI on long term strategy isn’t always a clear picture.

You see, this is where data can hurt more than help…

People are so concerned about WHAT TIME to post content instead of focusing on…Just posting content!

Long term, this could translate into more sales, referrals, click throughs and all sorts of awesome results…But it’s doesn’t tell you ‘post this at this time to get this result‘.

And I think would be content marketers are always looking for immediate ROI and results within a week, they fail to see the big picture when it comes to their content.

If you are delivering value, and staying top of mind to your audience…Everything else will fall in place!

Trust me, I’ve done the homework. I’ve read countless blogs and watched numerous experts tell me the exact time to post my content…But at the end of the day, what I found mattered most was that…I actually posted the content!

You never know who is watching and reading…

I just had a customer of mine tell me that they discovered a blog post I wrote…Over a year ago…And it sparked something in them to take action. They are jumping back into ClickTrackProfit and getting fired up to start learning about affiliate marketing again.

All from a blog post…That’s over a year old.

Did it deliver these results because I posted it on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm? Using Twitter to promote it? Did they find the blog because I emailed them and reminded them to read the blog a year ago?

Or…Did they find the blog because…There was content actually posted on it. And there is a track record of content being posted regularly….?

Focus on that…And I think you’ll benefit big time from all the effort you put into your content!



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