When People ‘Understand’ What Crypto Is…They Don’t Care About The Price…

This weekend I really heard it…

I’ve been promoting STEEM and my Bitcoin Bully training site since the beginning of the year…And where I do most of that is on other social media sites. I’m also telling my closest friends about how much I believe in crypto and the STEEM blockchain…And I had their attention when things were sky rocketing!

In early 2018, you could do no wrong!

Prices were at all time highs and it seemed like whatever you throw money at, you’d be in the green and on your way to the moon….

Then, the markets took a dive and in all honesty, are still in free fall mode.

So of course, I start to hear it from my friends as they send me memes and graphics like this…


(I was tagged in this one and laughed at lol)

And as recently as tonight via an Instagram private message…


And I get it…People love to kick you when things are down….

My friends are just pulling my leg and I get that they are slightly ignorant to the entire crypto revolution. However when you ‘get‘ what this stuff will mean in the future and how this isn’t just some crazy fad but an actual change in well….EVERYTHING…You get really excited.

And that’s what a lot of people don’t understand and why as low as STEEM and other crypto currency goes down, I’m in accumulation mode!

I said at the beginning of 2018 that regardless of price, I’m going to get as many coins and tokens as I can and now that the price is low, I’m actually getting more…In more ways than one…

I’m actually generating more STEEM and STEEM Power now than I was when it was at all time highs…Not only does my dollar cost averaging really start to pay off now, but the way this blockchain is set up..I get MORE crypto for being active. There are less people producing content when things get slow and more of the rewards pool to go around.

This is something newer crypto enthusiasts need to understand…You are are still ‘getting’ the coins at the low prices, in fact you are getting more of them. So for me…I could care less what the price is…I’m in ‘get coins‘ mode πŸ™‚

What the price is or is not, doesn’t make me bat an eye because I’m thinking of what these projects will mean for us in the next few years. People need to stop thinking ‘Bitcoin is worth this much‘ and start thinking…Bitcoin is worth a Bitcoin. It’s a tough thing to wrap your head around, specially because we’ve been tied to fiat and put a value on a dollar…But when you understand that the price of the coin isn’t what is important…It’s the actual coin or token…You finally start to see what makes the early adopters of crypto so excited.

Remember, this isn’t fiat.

You can’t just ‘print’ more crypto….So once it’s all mined, it’s gone…So for the next year or two I highly recommend you to be in ‘accumulation mode’ as well!

2 thoughts to “When People ‘Understand’ What Crypto Is…They Don’t Care About The Price…”

  1. I think you are right Jon… when the price drops, I acquire more coin… I’ve noticed that my members that “get it” request payout when the coin is down, knowing that it will be worth more in the future…. keep preaching, you are starting to reach the masses!

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